What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The market for mattresses has become amazingly diverse in recent years. Thanks to new technologies, there are countless options for a good night’s sleep. As you think about all these choices, you will probably discover hybrid mattresses. What is a hybrid mattress? Read on to find out.

The History of Hybrids

Over the course of the 1900s, traditional spring mattresses faced stiff competition from foam alternatives. While springs provided responsiveness, foam offered support for a sleeper’s joints and back. While both types of mattresses had their advantages, shoppers were forced to pick between the two. For those who crave a compromise, however, you should keep reading to discover what a hybrid mattress is all about.

The Defining Features of a Hybrid

A mattress with a hybrid structure features multiple mattress technologies. In most cases, these hybrids blend coils with memory foam. To do this, the coils are positioned at the core of the mattress. On top, layers of decadent foam are laid in place. As a result, the mattress has a certain amount of spring while also conforming to the body. For some sleepers, this is the right compromise for the perfect rest.

Types of Mattress Hybrids

While most hybrids feature foam and springs, there are some variations. Some mattresses mix different types of foam and are sold as hybrids. This could include memory foam, gel foam and latex. Moreover, the nature of the springs and the foam can dramatically change the way your mattress works. The type of foam can have a significant impact on the mattress’s ability to conform to your body. The way the coils are placed can affect how sensitive the mattress is to movement. Always look at the density of the foam or coil in order to gauge how firm the mattress will be and how well it will endure. These are important factors to remember when thinking about what a mattress hybrid is all about, according to The Mattress Buyer Guide.

The Benefits of Mattress Hybrids

As mentioned previously, a hybrid mattress is often seen as the best of both worlds. With the foam layer, these mattresses provide more support than a standard innerspring mattress. However, because there are coils inside, these mattresses have more bounce than those made of only foam. These beds are also not as expensive as those made of pure foam. This is due to the fact that foam is one of the most costly materials to use in mattresses. Hybrid models use significantly less foam, which keeps costs in check. Essentially, with hybrids, you can get the perks of foam without the cost.

The Drawbacks of Hybrid Mattresses

Because these mattresses blend two different technologies together, the results are mixed. This means that the mattress is not too firm or too soft. However, for people who crave those extremes, these mattresses could be a disappointment. If you have problems sleeping due to pain, a hybrid may not be enough. Moreover, these beds do not conform immediately to your sleeping position like a coil mattress will. It is this part of what a mattress hybrid is all about that must be taken seriously during the buying process.

What to Look for in a Hybrid Mattress

As you think about the way a mattress hybrid works, you should also know what differentiates these mattresses from one another. Before you buy, look carefully at both the nature of the foam and the quality of the spring, according to Global Dispatch. Every kind of foam responds differently to the body, which is why picking the right foam layer can be so important. Gel and latex are popular choices that provide good support. The springs should be protected within the mattress, and you should be sure to look at how many coils are included. Consider how close the coils are placed to one another. You should also look at whether or not the mattress features continuous coils. It is worth gauging how the interior of the mattress is separated. Make sure there is an appropriate balance between the foam and the spring for the desired sleeping results.

Proper Care and Maintenance for a Hybrid

After learning what a mattress hybrid is, you should also look at the best way to care for yours. Since a hybrid features layers, you probably do not want to flip your mattress. However, you may still benefit from rotating the mattress from time to time. This allows you to spread out the impact on the springs, which can limit damage to the mattress. If something spills on your mattress, some spot cleaning may be possible. However, you should carefully read the instructions to make sure that the foam is not damaged or saturated. This can lead to a musty smell or even mold.

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Finding Your Hybrid Mattress

Compromise is often the best way to be happy. Therefore, what is a hybrid mattress? It could be your choice for true rest.

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