Why Would I Choose a Really Soft Mattress?

When it comes time for you to get a new mattress, you might wonder if you should choose a really soft mattress. A softer mattress lets you sink down when you sit or lounge on the bed, which can help you feel more comfortable because the padding cradles your entire body. Looking at some of the benefits of a soft mattress can help you decide between a softer or firmer mattress for your own bedroom.

Fewer Back Problems

One reason to choose a really soft mattress is because it can significantly reduce the back problems that you experience. Though some believe that those with back problems should sleep on a firmer mattress, the opposite is sometimes true. According to Dr. Arya Nick Shamie, a mattress that is too firm can put more pressure on your body and make you feel tired or sore when you wake. The doctor also points out that a softer mattress can offer little to no support for your pressure points, which can also leave you in pain. When you buy a new mattress, you should always lay down on a few and see if the mattress offers all the support that your back needs.

More Comfort

When you spend the night on a cheap mattress that is extremely hard, the odds are good that you will wake in the morning with a number of aches and pains. This occurs because of the firmness of that mattress. Sleeping on one of these models is like sleeping on a concrete floor. The plushness of a softer mattress lets you get more comfortable when you first climb into bed and can increase your comfort throughout the night. This type of mattress will actually mold to the shape of your body.

Can Add More Firmness

While making a firm mattress softer is almost impossible, you can easily make a soft mattress firmer. You can add a simple plywood board underneath the mattress and on top of your box spring or lower support to make the top feel firmer, or you can use a thicker mattress pad between your body and the mattress. Choosing a softer mattress is a good choice for those who have a partner or spouse with different preferences. You can use pads and supports to make each side feel more comfortable for the person sleeping there.

More Support

Choosing a softer mattress can also help you get all the necessary support that you need for reading, watching television or sleeping in bed. Though some think that a softer mattress will not provide any support, one can actually provide more support than a firm mattress would. When you sleep on a firm mattress, you put more pressure on certain areas of your body and less pressure on other areas. This disrupts the natural alignment of your spine and can make your spine adjust to a new alignment over time. A softer mattress lets you sink down and aligns to the natural shape of your spine.

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The right mattress can make waking up feel like a dream, but the wrong mattress can leave you suffering from aches and pains all day long. When you need a new mattress for your bedroom, you might choose a really soft mattress because it can eliminate back pain and give you more support.

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