Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses for 2023

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress

If you’ve heard all the good things surrounding memory foam mattresses, you’re not the only one; and for good cause. Memory foam mattresses can help relieve pain and aches, and give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. But with everyone seeing the benefits of memory foam mattresses, how do you select the right one?

You’ll want to figure out how hard or soft you need the mattress to be. Do you need temperature control because you get too hot at night?

We’ve scoured the Internet to find you 10 of the top memory foam mattresses out there rated by their plushness, certifications, design, and customer ratings.



The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, the company’s flagship model, is an all-foam mattress that appeals to people looking for more comfort. With four layers of foam, it’s the type of mattress that delivers well on pressure relief, comfort and support, and motion isolation. 

Plus, it’s available at a lower price point in comparison with similar premium all-foam mattresses! If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing your sleep quality, then you should look into it. 

On the firmness scale, it has a medium-firm feel of 6 to 6.5 on the 10-point firmness scale. This means that it’s suitable for combination sleepers as well as for side and stomach sleepers. Every person’s preference, of course, will affect his or her own experience with the Nectar mattress but we can say that it’s the Goldilocks of comfort and support. 

The four layers of foam are in different thickness with three layers being high-quality memory foam. The variety in the composition and thickness of the foam is necessary to ensure that both comfort and support are delivered. 

The first two layers on top are a 1-inch quilted memory foam and a 3-inch medium-density, gel-infused memory foam. Both are proven to provide pressure relief to the body through their contouring property. There’s a feeling of being hugged by the mattress, or an in-the-bed experience, as can be expected in an all-foam construction. 

But there’s no feeling of overheating, a must for hot sleepers, since the types of memory foam have fairly active cooling technology. These include a semi-open cellular structure and gel infusions. 

Then comes the 1.75-inch memory foam as the transition layer. This is a fairly heavy material designed to give the mattress some bounce while also providing body support. 

The 5.25-inch support foam is made of high-density polyfoam, a material widely used for its proven durability. Not only does it provide a stable base for the entire mattress but it also increases its lifespan regardless of the foundation it’s placed on. 

The Tencel mattress cover, an industry standard, is a breathable material that allows better airflow. This can be removed for spot-cleaning with mild detergent but be sure to replace it afterwards. 

As for its motion isolation, it’s a great mattress for people who don’t want to be disturbed by the movements of their partner or pet. The four layers of foam minimizes motion transfer while giving the comfortable in-the-bed feeling. This feature also contributes to ease of movement on the bed. 

But edge support isn’t as robust as in hybrid models. Don’t be surprised about it as it’s an all-foam mattress with no reinforced edges. 

Strengths We Love: 

  • Excellent comfort and good support 
  • Suitable for most weight groups and types of sleepers 
  • Reasonable price for a premium product 
  • Easy set-up with faster inflation, too 
  • Works well with most types of foundation 
  • Comes with 365-night home trial, lifetime warranty and two free premium pillows 

Things to Consider: 

  • May not be suitable for people who like an on-the-mattress experience 
  • May have slight off-gassing that can persist for a couple of days 




The Amerisleep AS3 is also an all-foam mattress with three layers of different types and thickness. For this reason, the 12-inch mattress has a more in-the-bed feel but it still delivers a supportive aspect that most sleepers will appreciate. We recommend it to combination sleepers, or those who change positions, as well as for side and stomach sleepers. 

This is a medium-firm mattress that leans more toward the plush side – a 6 in the 10-point firmness scale. The combination of poly foam and memory foam, nonetheless, gives a good mix of comfort for the tired body and support for the joints. 

We like the cover’s material, a mix of spandex, soft polyester blend and Celliant, because it’s easy to clean and feels soft. It doesn’t easily bunch up, a great feature for combination sleepers, and it feels cool to the touch.  

The comfort layer is made of 3-inch, high-density memory foam with an open cell structure. When you press or lie on it, it doesn’t immediately bounce back after removing the pressure. The result is an in-the-mattress feeling that not only gives a comfortable hugging experience (i.e., contouring) but also great pressure relief. 

There’s little overheating experience with it due to its open cell structure, which aids in dissipating heat. The fact that the memory foam is largely made of plant-based materials and, thus, hypoallergenic is a bonus. 

Then comes the transition layer, a 2-inch, low-density polyfoam material with a slightly firmer feel. Sandwiched between the plush memory foam above and the firm foam base below, it gives the mattress moderate bounce. You won’t feel stuck or experience difficulty when changing positions on the mattress. 

Plus, its egg crate-like design aids in cooling the mattress interior. Hot sleepers won’t feel so hot while sleeping on it. 

The base layer is the thickest with a 7-inch, high-density polyfoam with a firm feel. Its thickness serves three functions: 

  • Support the layers of foam above it 
  • Provide the sleeper with deep compression support 
  • Give the mattress a durable foundation 

The AS3 may have a medium-firm feel but it provides fantastic pressure relief from the shoulders to lower back. Your spine feels aligned regardless of your preferred sleeping position so you wake up feeling refreshed. Your aches in the neck, shoulders and hips should be gone within a couple of days! 

Since the foam closely contours to your body shape, you won’t be able to feel as much of your partner’s movements in bed, too. But it has limited bounciness due to its foam layers, a consideration if you’re looking for extra-responsive mattresses. 

Strengths We Love: 

  • Suitable for all types of sleepers including hot sleepers 
  • Provides an in-the-mattress feeling without feeling stuck during movements 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Lasts for years with proper care 
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial 

Things to Consider: 

  • Little edge support due to foam as base layer 
  • Low responsiveness level but it’s normal in all-foam mattresses 




In our books, the Puffy Lux Mattress is a medium-soft mattress with a 5.5 score on the 10-point firmness scale. This means that it has more of a soft than firm feel that some may love and some may not. 

The mattress gives an in-the-bed, hug-your-body feel that contours well to the body. But as a result, it has little bounce and mobility that makes it slightly more difficult for combination sleepers to change positions. But if you prefer sleeping on your side or back most of the night, then you will find its exceptional body-contouring property up your alley. 

Stomach sleepers, in contrast, will likely not find it suitable for their needs since a medium-firm to firm mattress is better. Keep in mind that stomach sleepers should be more conscious about proper spine alignment. Otherwise, back pain will become worse after each night on a medium-soft mattress like Puffy Lux. 

But it isn’t so soft that you will sink right into its middle! There’s still sufficient support from the firmer foam layers at the bottom. Your body will benefit from the significant pressure relief from the plush layer without sacrificing spine alignment. 

The removable cover, which is made of polyester blend, isn’t as thick as we expected it to be. But since it can be easily removed for washing and it is quite stain-resistant, then all’s good. 

The comfort layer consists of 2-inch, gel-infused memory foam. The gel microbeads have a cooling effect since it traps less heat than traditional memory foam. You won’t be sleeping as hot as before. 

Take note that the comfort layer being really soft means that it has a slow pressure response. You may find yourself sinking deep into the mattress and, thus, enjoying great pressure relief. 

The contour layer’s 2-inch soft memory foam increases the in-the-bed experience of the Puffy mattress. There’s more contouring to the body, too, which means a hugging feel.

This is followed by the transition layer, a 2-inch polyfoam that separates the upper 4-inch soft memory foam and the base layer. Since it’s a firmer type of foam, it stops your body from sinking too far into the bed and provides support for your body. You won’t feel like swimming against the current when changing positions, too. 

The base layer is a 6-inch, high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress sturdy support. Not only does it give the mattress its height but it also allows the upper layers to do their work. 

The bottom line: The Puffy Lux is the type of mattress that you won’t want to get out of! 

Strengths We Love: 

  • Excellent choice for side, combination and hot sleepers (i.e., sleeps cool) 
  • Provides an in-the-bed feeling plus a supportive experience 
  • Compatible with all frames or foundations like flat flames, slatted frames and box springs 
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials 
  • Comes with lifetime warranty and 101-night sleep trial 

Things to Consider: 

  • Not recommended for stomach and heavy sleepers (i.e., may be too soft) 
  • Little bounce 




4-Helix Midnight

The 14-inch Helix Midnight Luxe mattress doesn’t take too long to expand – about an hour-and-a-half – and then it can be used. Just be sure to expand it on top of its intended frame for convenience, particularly as it’s heavy once fully inflated. 

The first thing that grabs your attention is the 2-inch Tencel pillowtop cover. It isn’t just a beauty to look at, it’s also soft and cool to the touch. With its airflow-conducive design, it also makes for a cooler sleeping experience, an attraction for hot sleepers. 

There are five layers in the mattress consisting of four layers of foam and an innerspring coil layer. Below the pillowtop cover is a high-density memory plus foam with a medium-firm feel, which gives more of an on-the-bed experience. 

Then comes the gel-infused visco foam that provides the supportive aspect of the mattress. But it’s still soft enough to provide a cushioning effect combined with a cooling feeling, thanks to the gel beads. 

The high-grade polyfoam is the transition layer that stops your body from sinking too much into the mattress. Due to its medium-firm consistency, it’s also a supportive layer. Plus, it prevents your body from making contact with the individually-wrapped coils below. 

According to Helix, there are more than a thousand coils in the Midnight Luxe mattress. Such number should be sufficient to ensure proper spine alignment when you’re sleeping on your side and back. These coils also provide some bounce to the mattress so it’s fairly easy to move around on its top. 

There are also zoned lumbar support coils for better support for your pressure points. Your shoulders get a softer feel while your hips enjoy the firmer feel when you’re on top of the mattress. The distinct zoning is necessary since your shoulders and hips have different reactions to pressure. 

The last layer is made of dense foam that provides strong support to the entire mattress. It’s also among the reasons for its proven durability. Many users say that it lasted well beyond 10 years with little sign of wear and tear.  

Overall, the mattress has a medium-firm feel but leans toward the plush side, about 5.5 to 6 on the 10-point firmness scale. It’s then suitable for most types of sleepers including combination and side sleepers. Singles and couples will find it suitable for their needs, too. 

A separate mattress protector is recommended even if the Midnight Luxe is easy to clean. Weekly vacuuming is also recommended to keep out the dust and dirt from penetrating its surface. Platforms or box springs work well with the mattress, too. 


5-Ghostbed Lux

The mixed foam design of the GhostBed Luxe mattress contributes to its medium-firm, albeit on the softer side, feel. We rated it as 5.5 but it may well be a 6 to 6.5 in your opinion, and that’s also acceptable. The 13-inch thickness makes it appealing to people who like a higher profile, too. 

Aside from its three major layers, it has three layers that serve specific functions in comfort, support and luxury. The Ghost Ice fabric cover isn’t just a fancy term – it’s actually a specially-designed fabric with cooling property. Even if you sleep on it for hours on end, it still feels cooler than your regular cover. 

Beneath the cover is another product with cooling qualities – a 1-inch memory foam that doesn’t feel too hot. It’s also the reason for the cushy feeling you get when you lie down on the mattress. 

There’s also PCM foam underneath the cover, and it’s designed to wick away heat and moisture away from your body. Both the memory and PCM foam work in such a way as to prevent a “sleeping hot” experience. 

The three primary foam layers of the GhostBed Luxe starts beneath these layers. The comfort layer consists of 2-inch, medium-density memory foam that provides several benefits. 

Since it closely conforms to your body’s shape, it ensures even weight distribution from your neck to your hips. Your spine will be in proper alignment whether you sleep on your side or your back or a combination of both. You will feel less pressure on your pressure points, too, particularly on your neck, shoulders and hips. 

Plus, it has cooling gel infused into its structure so you can sleep cooler. 

The transitional layer is a 2-inch polyfoam, which the manufacturer calls Ghost Bounce polyfoam. Fancy name aside, it has a similar responsiveness as latex foam so there’s more support and pushback. You won’t sink too much into the mattress, thus, the greater feeling of support and ease of movement. 

The thickest layer is its 7.5-inch support core of high-density polyfoam with a medium-firm feel. Together with the 2-inch Ghost Bounce polyfoam, it promotes spine alignment and provides much-needed support. 

With these foam layers in place, GhostBed Luxe delivers exceptional results on the pressure relief aspect. Your body will benefit from the cushioning and cooling effect of the gel-infused memory foam – an in-the-bed experience – without the sinking feeling. Your spine from your neck to your lower back will be in proper alignment, too. 

But heavy sleepers won’t appreciate the mattress because there’s little support in the way of individually-wrapped, heavy-duty innerspring coils. 


6-Zinus 12

You can buy this Zinus mattress in twin, full, queen, or king sizes and contains five inches of support foam, three inches of comfort foam, two inches of memory foam, and one inch of responsive foam. There’s even another inch of microfiber cover.

It’s of course certified by CertiPUR and uses their usual green tea extract. The cloud mattress is for people who enjoy memory foam mattresses, but would like one especially soft. It comes with Zinus’ 10-year warranty and their easy shipping.

The great thing about it is that it’s neither too soft nor too firm for an all-foam mattress. Such Goldilocks balance is a tricky proposition considering that foam isn’t exactly known for being a supportive material. But it’s still soft to the touch and you will feel like you’re on top of a cloud when you’re on it. 

The all-foam construction has its pros and cons, of course, but we must say that the mattress is well worth the money. The topmost 2-inch layer of memory form contours well to the body and, thus, offers significant relief to pressure points. The second 3-inch layer of soft comfort foam further increases the feeling of being hugged, a comfortable sensation indeed. 

But there isn’t a risk of getting the feeling of being swallowed by all that foam, which can become claustrophobic. The thick 5-inch high-density foam acts as a support foam that not only counterbalances the soft foam above it but also provides the supportive aspect.

The bottom line: Despite its all-foam construction, this Zinus mattress really hits the spot between comfort and support! We highly recommend it for average-weight sleepers and for side sleepers; heavy sleepers and stomach sleepers are well-advised to get a firmer mattress. This can support up to 500 pounds of weight (i.e., queen size). 

Like most mattresses of its kind, this one was tightly rolled (i.e., factory-vacuumed) and shipped in a box. While the label on the box states that it will take 72 hours to reach full inflation, it may take less than that time. In about 24 hours, it reached its full 12-inch height. 

There was a slight smell but it dissipated almost as soon as the mattress was fully inflated. If it doesn’t dissipate by then, you can give it another day in a well-ventilated bedroom. 

Enjoy the 10-year limited warranty, too, and the CertiPUR certification for its materials.


7-Signature Sleep

This company has created lifelong customers with their tremendous bedding. It can be bought in twin, full, queen, or king sizes and is made from CertiPUR-certified foam. There’s 8.5 inches of high-density foam, with 3.5 inches of comfortable memory foam on top.

The mattress is eco-friendly and helps mold to the natural shape of the body and comes complete with a mattress cover made of a breathable knit fabric. Shipping is quick and easy, and there’s even more memory foam sizes available.

Don’t be turned off by the two-layer construction just because all the other memory foam mattresses here have multiple layers! Therein lies its beauty – its simplicity belies its premium quality, reasonable price and fantastic sleeping experience. Within minutes after lying down on it, you will agree that it creates a pleasurable sensation lulling your body to relax and sleep.

The layers of foam become a medium-firm bed that provides a cushioning effect on the pressure points while also supporting spine alignment. Your shoulders, hips and lower back won’t be so achy in the morning anymore. 

But manage your expectations about the all-foam construction, too. There’s little to no edge support so when you’re sleeping or sitting near the edge, you’re likely to slide down faster. We suggest getting a larger size than you intended if you’re sleeping with a partner or a pet. 

There’s also the matter of motion transfer, which the mattress doesn’t do exceptionally well on. But it doesn’t mean that every little movement from you or your partner will be felt as a small earthquake. Just that there’s less motion isolation, as can be expected in many all-foam mattresses. 

The mattress is also compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed for shipping purposes. At 79 pounds shipping weight, it’s best to place it on top of a sturdy foundation before unrolling it. The inflation time ranges between 24-48 hours depending on size – the queen-sized mattress takes more than 24 hours, for example. 

There may be off-gassing but don’t worry about it too much. The foam layers are made without harmful toxins including heavy metals like lead and mercury. The slightly unpleasant odors go away on their own, and faster, too, in a well-ventilated room. 

A minor disadvantage is that the cover isn’t removable and washable, which can be inconvenient with kids and pets around. But you can place a washable mattress protector for extra protection. 


8-Layla Copper

Do you want a two-in-one mattress that will give excellent value for the money? We suggest getting the Layla Copper-infused Memory Foam mattress and have your wish granted! 

Most all-foam memory mattresses cannot be flipped without changing the arrangement of their layers of foam and, thus, changing their firmness level. The result is typically an unpleasurable sleeping experience since the base foam layer is too firm for most people’s needs. 

But the Layla mattress is unique in that it can be flipped! While flipping it means changing the firmness level, it doesn’t necessarily mean getting a princess-and-the-pea experience. Your experience will depend on your personal preference in a mattress’ firmness level. 

Each side has its own firmness level that appeals to different types of sleepers. One side has a medium-soft firmness, about 4 to 4.5 on the 10-point firmness scale. With a 7-8 firmness level, the other side has a medium-firm feel. 

Take note that each side has its fans, so to speak, not only in terms of personal preference. More important are the preferred sleeping position, the type of comfort and support needed, and whether one sleeps along or with a partner or pet. 

For example, combination sleepers will benefit more from a medium-soft mattress since it provides an in-the-bed experience with sufficient support for the spine. Stomach sleepers may want to choose a medium-firm mattress to ensure proper spine alignment. But again, it depends on your personal preference.

No matter your preference, you will find that it will be addressed by the Layla mattress with a single flip! You may want a medium-soft bed for its greater body-conforming quality or your body benefits more from a medium-firm mattress for its optimum support. 

There are four layers in the Layla mattress. The firmness level is then determined by which of these layers are the support layers and the comfort layers. 

For the medium-soft side, the 3-inch copper-infused memory side layer gives a hugging sensation. For the medium-firm side, the 4-inch polyfoam layer provides a more supportive feel but the 1-inch copper-infused memory foam still gives a comfortable feel. 

Is the mattress easy to flip? Yes, but you will want assistance to do so quickly and with the least risk of injury to your muscles. 

As for motion transfer, there’s less of it than expected. This is because memory foam tends to absorb motion instead of transferring it. But the medium-soft side has slightly better motion isolation than the medium-firm side, thanks to its thicker memory foam.


9-Winkbeds Gravity

The 5-inch memory foam in the WinkBeds Gravity Lux mattress is among the thickest we’ve come across. While it adds to the price, it’s also crucial in the mattress’ outstanding overall performance. Memory foam is known for its cushioning and conforming effects wherein there’s a feeling of sinking into the mattress and getting a hugged-in feeling. 

The luxurious feeling starts with the Tencel cover, an eco-friendly substitute for cotton. Plus, it’s designed for more breathability and softness, as evidenced by its cool-to-the-touch quality. If you tend to sleep hot, you may not do so as much with a Tencel cover for this reason. 

The next layer is the 2-inch, gel-infused memory foam, a common material in premium mattresses designed for optimum comfort and support. Due to its slow response to pressure, it has more sinkage meaning that your body feels like it’s sinking into the mattress. You will then enjoy more pressure relief, particularly in your hips and shoulders, the longer you’re lying on it. 

Since it has gel beads, it doesn’t trap as much heat as traditional foam. You may even find yourself being cooled by the mattress, particularly in an air-conditioned room. 

Below the comfort layer is yet another layer of memory foam but it’s thicker at three inches and it acts as a contouring layer. With both layers, you’re likely to experience a deep hugging sensation or an in-the-bed feeling. As such, you’ll like it more if you’re a side sleeper. 

Then the transition layer of 3-inch polyfoam stops the sinking-into-the-mattress experience with its firmer quality. Plus, it acts as a barrier from the extra-firm support layer, which consists of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam. While the base layer provides the support aspect, it’s also vital for ensuring long-term durability. 

Yes, we know that it’s plenty of foam and it comes with its set of pros and cons. Pressure relief is the Gravity Lux’s strongest suit and its deeper contouring of the body’s shape is the reason. There’s less pressure placed on the shoulders and hips but the spine’s alignment is well-supported by the firmer polyfoam. 

The two-layer comfort layer also works better in motion isolation. Vibrations are minimized from travelling from the person who moved to the person who didn’t. But there’s obviously still motion transfer so you don’t exactly remain 100% oblivious to any movement. 

These are the qualities of the medium-firm Gravity Lux mattress. If you’re not into medium-level firmness, it also comes in soft and firm versions. 

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10-Olee Sleep

Available in five different bed sizes, this mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. There’s an inch of ILD HD foam that helps prevent defection of the foam. It also comes with an inch of soft memory foam and an inch of gel foam that helps equalize the temperature of the mattress.

The perfect ratio of layers helps not only support bodyweight, but also maintain the best condition for your body. Customers rave about Olee providing some serious bang for your buck.

The mattress has a medium-firm feel that still allows for a lush sinking feeling into the mattress. You will feel like you’re on a five-star hotel bed in the comfort of your home and without spending wads of money for the experience. You will also like that it still provides great support for your spine while cushioning your shoulders and hips. 

There’s slight off-gassing when it’s first unrolled from its vacuum-sealed packaging. Just be sure to unroll it in a well-ventilated bedroom and let it expand to its fullest height. This should take 48 hours at least but it may take longer, both for inflation and for the gassy smell to dissipate.

We recommend a mattress protector if it’s used in a household with pets and/or children. At the very least, liquid accidents won’t penetrate into the more porous material of the cover so it’s easier to clean. 

Be sure to place it on top of a sturdy foundation, too, such as platform frames or box springs. Placing it directly on the floor will also work but it may not be as convenient to get on and off due to its low profile. 

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