The 8 Best Waveless Waterbeds in 2023

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Trends come and go, but some came to stay. In the latter half of the 20th century, waterbeds became a popular bedroom fad among the hip and the young. In the 1960s up to the 1980s, waterbeds became a bedroom staple.

While some continue to enjoy the unique sensation waterbeds bring, many have switched to more traditional mattresses. Beds came with either spring, foam, or latex mattresses that promise to provide better overall support, relieve pressure and back pain.

On top of these, traditional mattresses come with a motion isolation feature which makes rest and sleep more comfortable for those who share a bed. Best of all, a spring or foam mattress is easier to maintain than a waterbed.

Despite the comfort traditional mattresses offer, many are still drawn to the undulating sensation that only waterbeds bring.  

What are Waterbeds

What became one of the 1980s’ most popular bedroom staples was a product of a college student’s assignment. In 1967 when Charles Hall was just a student at San Francisco State University, he stumbled upon floatation furniture as a part of his engineering class. His fascination with the sensation floatation furniture brings pushed him to showcase this into beds and chairs.

Charles Hall chose the waterbed to present as his Master’s Thesis project at the university. However, what he called the “Pleasure Pit” was not welcomed by the general public, so Hall brought his products to the streets and willing celebrities to be his guinea pigs. The move turned out to be a successful marketing strategy in that waterbeds became the “it” product of the time. A seemingly simple idea grew into a $2 billion industry in the 1980s.

Waterbeds were the hottest item somebody could have in their bedroom. It became an icon known as “The Bed of Sexual Revolution.” Companies latched onto this advertising and sold waterbeds for its sex appeal.

Slogans like “She’ll admire you for your car, she’ll respect you for your position, but she’ll love you for your waterbed” and “Two things are better on a waterbed. One of them is sleep” worked. Hugh Hefner reportedly had one, a king-size waterbed covered in Tasmanian possum.

The number of high-profile personalities claiming to own the bed makes it even more desirable! As the country moved to the latter part of the 1980s, the movement towards conservatism, the sex appeal of the waterbed showed signs of aging.

Sales plummeted, and salespeople had to trick people into buying their beds. The efforts to make waterbeds remain a fixture in the furniture industry made severe changes in the narrative. What used to be a sexy, kinky product had its needed update starting from Afloat.

Launched in 2018, Afloat is “the new waterbed” that hopes to shake the competition in the sleep industry. By altogether abandoning the sexual history of the bed, waterbeds today have evolved to become practical, comfortable, cost-effective, and technologically-equipped beds worthy of taking home. 

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Benefits of Waterbeds

Medical professionals believe that waterbeds can help improve your posture as they help maintain the natural S-shaped curve of the spine. Your body will thank you for alleviating and preventing lower back pain. There is no pressure on whichever side you settle in. Your waterbed mattress will help you get well and stay well. 

It also helps that waterbeds keep a hygienic sleeping surface to sleep on so you do not need to worry about upkeep. Because of its vinyl or otherwise waterproof cover that does not absorb sweat and does not attract bed bugs or dust mites, it remains effective as allergy relief.

Most importantly, you can keep your waterbed for as long as you still want to sleep in it because it will not sag or leave noticeable depressions. Waterbeds that are sold today come with temperature control. You can adjust the temperature, increasing or decreasing it depending on your comfort level.  

Types of Waterbeds

The waterbeds available in the market today fall into either of two categories. What differentiates the two – Hardside Waterbed and Softside Waterbed – is the water it contains.

  • Hardside Waterbed Mattresses have water chambers inside. These water chambers are secured inside a durable wooden frame that makes up the entire mattress. The wooden frame helps the waterbed maintain its shape despite prolonged use. Hardside waterbed mattresses are significantly less expensive than traditional mattresses, including softside waterbed mattresses. Contrary to what the name implies, hardside waterbed mattresses tend to be less durable than softside waterbed mattresses and are less comfortable. Simply put, hardside waterbed mattresses are loose water chambers in a wooden bed frame covered with vinyl, tarp, or any other material that creates the outer frame. 

Simply put, hardside waterbed mattresses are loose water chambers in a wooden bed frame covered with vinyl, tarp, or any other material that creates the outer frame. They are cumbersome, and some hardside waterbeds do not have a frame. Buy the bed frame separately or use it as is. 

  • Softside Waterbed Mattress, also known as the soft-sided waterbeds, is the updated waterbeds. The newest type of waterbed is designed to have smaller water chambers or the “mattress bladder.” The water chambers are covered in at least one or several layers of foam and upholstery. This design makes the mattress more durable and secure. It significantly makes it more comfortable.

Most importantly, the layers of padding eliminate undulating water movement, creating a more waveless feel. Softside waterbed mattresses look and feel like traditional mattresses. The topmost layer of a softside waterbed mattress is often encased with more padding, foam, or fabric upholstery for added comfort and stability. 

Under the Waterbed Mattress: Special Considerations

When buying a waterbed, you must look beyond the vinyl or the foam cover. While the type significantly influences how the water flows inside, the surface feels, and wave level can dramatically change your overall experience.

Both hardside and softside waterbed mattresses can come with differing wave levels – free-flow, semi-waveless, and waveless.

  • Free-flow or full-wave waterbed mattresses do not have any foam or padding. This means that the waves are noticeable, and you will feel the undulating motion of the water while you sleep. 
  • Semi-waveless, unlike the free-flow waterbed, is known for its small foam bolsters that cover the water chambers. This results in very subtle waves movements. While the movements are subtle and balanced, sleepers will still feel undulating while asleep.
  • Waveless, as the name implies, are waterbed mattresses that are covered with thick bolsters, padding, foam, or other materials that control the water movements. Sleepers will feel very subtle or virtually not feel any movement at all. 

This article will feature 8 of the best waveless waterbeds on Amazon.

The Best Waveless Waterbeds

Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress

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This tops our list due to comfort. Its Feathertop surface helps to relieve joint pain. It looks nice and feels good, too! If you have a guest room or child’s room that needs a new waterbed mattress, this one is a great option as it comes in three size options.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress is a premium choice for waterbed mattresses. Made with high-quality materials, it makes for a comfortable bed to sleep in and lie on at the end of the working day. It is designed with a Deep molded Feathertop to reduce surface pressure and optimize comfort.

The Feathertop also allows true floatation so you can experience full-body relaxation. Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress is equipped with adequate lumbar support by the 3-7-3 fiber layer waveless system. These fibers are tightly tethered to the four corners of the mattress to prevent shifting and reduce the pressure on the seams for greater durability. 

You can install external heating accessories as it has compatible heater bottom. The mattress will fit any standard wood-type waterbed bed frame with 48×48 inches dimensions. And if you do not have a frame, you will get frame building instructions for every purchase. 

You will get the full waterbed experience with the Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress because its body is over 90% water. Strobel Organic’s waterbeds can achieve a nearly zero-gravity feeling with this water capacity.

Sleeping in Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress will cause your body to feel lightened, making you feel like floating. This means less pressure on the body leading to a better quality of sleep.

You can click here to visit Strobel’s Amazon Store for more options from this bedding store.

Strengths We Love:

  • You do not need to apply fire retardant chemicals because Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress is naturally fire-resistant.
  • The thermally efficient heater compatible bottoms make sleep very comforting, especially during colder months. 
  • Features excellent surface tension for lumbar support.
  • The reinforced corners are a practical addition to the design that makes the mattress very durable. 
  • It is covered with thick 25 millimeters of high-quality vinyl that is 25% thicker than the competition.
  • It is available in sizes Twin, Queen, and King. The twin size fits two persons. 
  • Toxic chemical-free.  
  • Comes with 20 years warranty.

Things to Consider: 

  • Vinyl material may not suit some users as it can run hot or latex cause allergies.

OMR Advantage Score: 9.9/10

US Water Queen 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress for Hardside Waterbed

Best Waveless Waterbeds 2

If you have a sleep partner, this waterbed mattress boasts a virtually waveless experience. That’s great so you don’t wake each other up when moving around or climbing into bed, right? With this quality mattress, you too can enjoy the waterbed experience.

Built to last, the US Water Queen 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress is the brand’s top-selling and among the most popular waterbed mattresses. Manufactured in the US, this high-quality and durable waveless waterbed is made with 100% virgin 24 millimeter vinyl with reinforced corners. This design will keep your sheets intact and stationary even after a good night’s sleep. 

The Queen 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress is a comfortable mattress. If you are not convinced, you should know it features six layers of Contour Fiber specially engineered for comfort. It has 3-5 seconds of slow movement, which reduces the undulating motion that typically comes with a waterbed. One double layer of Contour Lumbar Support also provides excellent lumbar support. All these layers will help keep your body more level while you retire into sleep. 

It is hard to imagine that you will be sleeping in a 6000-liter mattress, but when you do, you will choose to stay in bed for as long as you can. US Water has designed the Queen 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress to have all the fibers connected for your convenience. Despite its size, this waterless bed does not shift and slide when you drain the water. You can always rely on the lifetime prorated Warranty to cover the repair cost.

Strengths We Love:

  • The Queen 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress is built to last to suit your lifestyle and comfort.
  • Promises a 95% waveless experience. 
  • Every mattress purchase comes with a full kit that includes US Water’s 4-ounce bottle of premium conditioner. The conditioner promises to make the process of filling the mattress easy.
  • It will easily fit a queen-size 60×84 hardside platform waterbed frame. 
  • The mattress is USA-made.

Things to Consider: 

  • The product description does not mention any foam or linen padding.
  • Vinyl encasing is 24 millimeters, 1 millimeter short of Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress.

OMR Advantage Score: 9.7/10

Boyd Lumbar Supreme Queen Size Waveless Waterbed Mattress

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Have you ever moved around in bed and your waterbed encasing got bunched up under you? We like this one because the fabric stays in place, no matter how restless of a sleeper you are! This one is pure layers of goodness!

If you are looking for a quality softside waterbed that will fall well within your budget, then the Boyd Lumbar Supreme waveless waterbed mattress is a top choice. Choosing to be frugal is not wrong, especially if you will still get the same quality and experience with the less expensive waterbed mattress in the market. At a reasonable price, you can take home one of Boyd’s bestselling waterbeds. 

Perfect for an entry-level waterbed mattress, the Boyd Lumbar Supreme will bring value to your bedroom with its ergonomic design. The design ensures that the fabric encasing stays intact regardless of how restless you are when you sleep.

It also helps that it is covered with long-lasting virgin vinyl with a vacuum molded top that makes sleeping a delight. Like any more expensive waterbed mattresses, the waterbed also features a 4-point memory stretch tether system.

The Boyd Lumbar Supreme Waveless Waterbed Mattress has four layers that create an ultra motionless mattress. Three additional layers of lumbar fibers optimize the lumbar support that it provides by evenly distributing your weight while you sleep.

Strengths We Love:

  • The Boyd Lumbar Supreme Waveless Waterbed Mattress is less expensive. 
  • It is built with comfort and practicality in mind.
  • It is designed to be an entry-level waterbed mattress that provides reliable motionless experience and ultra-lumbar support. 
  • Every purchase of the Queen Size 60 x 84 Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme comes with five years full and 12 years prorated warranty.

Things to Consider: 

  • The mattress does perform well in terms of being motionless or waveless. 
  • It is designed with lesser layers compared to other waterbed mattresses.

OMR Advantage Score: 8.5/10

King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress

Best Waveless Waterbeds 4

Do you appreciate a luxurious bedroom experience? A nice bed to sink into? Comfy and cozy? If you would like to splurge, the Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress might be the right choice for you.

This is Classic Style’s second-tier mattress with a plush comfortable bamboo blend pillow top cover that keeps the bed nice and breathable. The mattress is made with a combination of very comfortable premium, soft materials that will bring comfort to your whole body. It is no surprise that the Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress is one of the top choices for a softside waterbed mattress.

Luxury comes with the Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress. The cotton pillowtop cover offers a supportive, conforming foam layer that is very close to the feeling of sleeping on foam or a traditional mattress. This makes Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress an excellent choice for not yet entirely comfortable switching to a waterbed mattress. 

Since the top surface is made of foam, it is perfect for those who suffer mid- and lower-body pain. You also have a choice between 95% semi-waveless and 100% waveless settings that will seamlessly accommodate any sleeper. These settings will give you the room to choose based on your preference, whether you like some or no wave movement while you sleep.

The price comes with a sophisticated, digital setting system that allows you to adjust the temperature in small increments giving you the freedom to find the setting that suits you best.

Currently, this luxury waterbed is only available on Amazon!

Strengths We Love:

  • The Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress comes with a removable pillowtop and mattress cover that will make maintenance straightforward.  
  • The temperature setting ranges from moderate to very warm, giving ample choices for buying the mattress. 
  • Every Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress purchase comes with an electric pump that makes filling and draining easy. 
  • The Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress is backed by a 12-year warranty.

At this price point, the mattress features waveless bladders and extra fiber in the mid-section that will cradle and contour your body.

Things to Consider: 

  • The Classic Style King Size Softside Pillow Waterbed Mattress is very expensive. 
  • Despite the high price, it does not come with a box spring as the bed frame. 
  • The mattress requires a firm, flat surface as a base.

OMR Advantage Score: 9.0/10

Better Sleep – Super Single 48 x 84 Semi Waveless Waterbed Mattress

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This is a fantastic bed for the price. Again, if you have a grandchild that likes to spend the weekend at Grandma’s, treat them to a novelty sleep experience by providing a waterbed. Kids today are not too familiar with them… They will love it! It’s fun and provides a great night’s sleep!

Affordable luxury, the Better Sleep Super Single Semi-waveless Waterbed Mattress is another practical choice for those looking for a reliable waterbed. It is a single 48×48 inches hardside waterbed that will satisfy your craving for the undulating feeling of sleeping in a waterbed.

You will get a high-end vinyl sleeping surface and reinforced corners for an extra layer of durability at this price point. Plus, you will get 8-10 seconds of movement because it is semi-waveless, or half the waveless motion waterbeds promise to deliver. 

Better Sleep Super Single Semi-waveless Waterbed Mattress is comfortable. The casing comprises 24 millimeters of rich virgin vinyl to feel light and warm. You will also get the body support you need with one layer of contour fiber.

The layer also reduces movement around the mattress, making your sleeping experience great. The Better Sleep Super Single Semi-waveless Waterbed Mattress will give you the old-school waterbed experience every time.

Currently, Better Sleep does not appear to have a company website. They sell through Amazon and other retailers.

Strengths We Love:

  • The Better Sleep Super Single Semi-waveless Waterbed Mattress is the most affordable waterbed on this list and is made with quality materials. 
  • It comes with reliable semi-waveless support. 
  • Corners are secured and come with lap seam construction for durability. 
  • Comes with 12 years warranty.

Things to Consider: 

  • Better Sleep Super Single Semi-waveless Waterbed Mattress is only semi-waveless. 
  • It is designed with only one layer of fiber contour. 
  • Not great for lumbar support.

OMR Advantage Score: 8.0/10

Boyd’s 99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress Tranquil Support

Best Waveless Waterbeds 7

If you want a wonderful night’s sleep, the Boyd waterbed will put you on the right track. With many layers of support, it will cut down on the motion and provide that weightless feel you will love.

Boyd waterbed mattresses are some of the best waterbeds money can buy today. Its ultra-waveless waterbed mattresses could easily outperform any other brand mattress you have in your bedroom now.

With five layers of fiber, it provides the relaxing comfort and supports you want in a waterbed. On top of the five fiber layers, it also comes with Boyd’s lumbar support features. This allows the Waveless Waterbed Mattress Tranquil Support to eliminate and reduce 99% of motion.

You just need to fill your waterbed with the proper amount of water and conditioner so you can experience near-waveless support. The Boyd 99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress Tranquil Support will give you the weightless feel a waterbed should. 

You can say goodbye to waking up too tired, strained muscles after a long night’s sleep and say hello to the three layers of ergonomic lumbar support foam layers. With this waterbed mattress, you will get a deep, rejuvenating sleep because it will free you from the strain of tossing and turning from the unhealthy pressure of your old mattress. You do not have to fight gravity for a decent amount of sleep.

The queen-sized Boyd 99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress Tranquil Support is very affordable on Amazon; pair it with a hardside waterbed frame.

Strengths We Love:

  • The Boyd 99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress Tranquil Support offers unparalleled motion reduction technology.
  • It is designed with five layers of wave reduction system plus three ergonomic lumbar support foam layers.
  • This is the only waterbed mattress on this list that promises 99% motion reduction. 
  • Durable and use eco-friendly materials. The vinyl case exceeds both United States and European standards.
  • The mattress is designed with a one-piece lap seam for durable construction. 
  • Comes with five years full warranty and fifteen years prorated warranty.

Things to Consider: 

  • At 24 millimeters, the vinyl casing on this waterbed mattress is one millimeter short than Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress.
  • It requires 8 ounces of waterbed conditioner to be added every year for maintenance at an additional cost.

OMR Advantage Score: 9.8/10

The Bedroom Store WAVELESS 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress

Best Waveless Waterbeds 9

No motion sickness with this one… The 90% waveless technology will help you get to sleep and then stay asleep. With its quality construction, it is a good buy!

It is safe to assume that The Bedroom Store only carries the best furniture and appliances you will ever need in your bedroom. The Bedroom Store promises to give quality sleep for a better life, starting with its Waveless 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress and featuring precision design with the manufacturer’s double, thick reinforced corners for strength and durability.

The mattress itself is encased with 18 millimeters of durable, eco-friendly vinyl that is generously cut to cover any hardside waterbed frame. And because it comes with a 4-point memory stretch tethering system, you can expect to have this waterbed for a long time. 

Without getting motion sickness, you can expect to get quality sleep with The Bedroom Store’s Waveless 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress. The wave reduction fiber system consists of four fiber layers that effectively reduce the undulating motion that waterbeds usually produce. This will help your journey towards a better life, starting with getting quality sleep. 

Purchasing The Bedroom Store’s Waveless 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress will become one of the best decisions you will ever make. Why? Because this is the only waterbed mattress on this list that comes with a waterbed liner. The liner is a stand-up waterbed liner that will protect your waterbed from accidental leaks, which can be very common. It will also preserve the waterbed bladder from direct contact with your bedframe of decking.

The liner is made of 6 millimeters of thick vinyl and is self-supporting structured sides that can stand independently. Plus, it comes with a custom fit that will take your waterbed experience to another level.

You can click here to visit Amazon Store for more options from this bedding store.

Strengths We Love:

  • The Bedroom Store’s Waveless 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress is made of quality, eco-friendly materials free of any toxic materials.
  • It already comes with a stand-up liner to protect the waterbed from leaks and doubles as a platform.
  • The mattress’ various sizes accommodate your different needs: the Super Single (48″ x 84″ x 9″), the Queen (60″ x 84″ x 9″) and the Cal-King (72″ x 84″ x 9″).
  • Each purchase comes with a fill and drains kit along with every part that you will ever need to set up your waterbed. You will get a faucet adapter, super pump, washers, and an 8-ounce waterbed conditioner.

Things to Consider: 

  • The Waveless 90% Hardside Waterbed Mattress is not a lumbar support system.
  • Some reviewers claim that it is not 90% waveless contrary to advertised.

OMR Advantage Score: 7.9/10

INNOMAX Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mid-Body Support Waterbed Mattress

Best Waveless Waterbeds 10

This waterbed mattress is quality made, but still boasts layers and layers of comfort. For a King-sized mattress replacement, the price is really nice.

If you want to get the InnoMax quality but do not want to overspend, the InnoMax Genesis 600 is for you. Affordably priced, you will get the same craftsmanship, quality, and durability that helped bring InnoMax waterbeds to mainstream success. 

The InnoMax Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mid-Body Support Waterbed Mattress effectively reduces motion to deliver custom-tailored Hydrodynamic Sleep to every kind of sleeper. InnoMax’s Hydrodynamic Sleep system results in virtually perfect body alignment from ear to ankle, which physicians and chiropractors recommend. This is the ideal sleeping posture that will lead to better health.

The Wave Reduction feature provides balanced motion performance and gravity-neutral fluid suspension, resulting in a unique mid-body support system at this price point.

InnoMax Genesis 600 has a multi-layer wave elimination system covering 22 millimeters of premium aquamarine vinyl. Compared to Genesis 800, with ten layers of total body support, Genesis 600 only has seven layers of mid-body support system. Despite this difference in structure and design, the mattress makes for a comfortable bed that you will be using for years.

You can click here to visit Innomax’s Amazon Store for more options from this bedding store.

Strengths We Love:

  • The InnoMax Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mid-Body Support Waterbed Mattress is an affordable alternative to the Genesis 800 with a few differences in features and design.
  • It comes with an impressive mid-body support system, despite only having seven layers of fiber and lumbar support.
  • It is made with premium quality vinyl.
  • The balanced motion system perfectly blends undulation and body movement for an unforgettable experience. 
  • Comes with a limited 20-year warranty.

Things to Consider: 

  • The InnoMax Genesis 600 Balanced Motion Mid-Body Support Waterbed Mattress does not entirely reduce motion.
  • Lacks full-body support.

OMR Advantage Score: 8.9/10