Best Places to Buy Mattresses Online

More and more people are buying their mattresses online.    We’ve put together this guide to help you purchase your next mattress online.

The key to buying an online mattress (what some people call a “mattress in a box”) is to read lots of reviews.  Since you will not get to go to a store to test out the feel of different mattresses, you will want to find as many articles as possible that help you understand how your mattress will feel when it arrives.

Ordering online is very convenient.  But just like with clothes or any other “feel and fit” based product, there is some risk.  This is why you will want to read as many unbiased descriptions of different mattresses as you can.

The three keys to ordering online:

  1.  Know what your needs are (comfort, firmness, etc.)
  2.  Buy from a reputable company with a strong track record and a good return policy
  3.  Read review rankings and buy one of the top rated mattresses based on your needs