Do You Need a Box Spring With Your Mattress?

One of the most commonly asked questions by those shopping for a new bed is whether or not you need a box spring with a mattress. Although most new mattresses don’t require the use of a box spring for the sake of comfort, many mattress warranties require that you use one in order to ensure the integrity and function of the mattress itself.

Do You Need a Box Spring?

The one-sided, no-flip design of modern mattresses typically contains all of the components of the mattress within the single unit. All you need is a flat, hard surface on which to set the mattress, according to Huffington Post. This could be anything from a box spring, a platform bed, an adjustable base or even a hardwood floor. The mattress should perform as expected and be comfortable regardless of where it is, but most companies still believe that a box spring is necessary in order to use the mattress as intended.

Some Warranties Require a Box Spring

For instance, if you set your mattress is uneven or unsupported, it may prematurely sag. As a result, your mattress would wear faster than if it had been used on a box spring. For this reason, many modern mattress warranties require that consumers use a box spring in order to accurately and correctly process claims of defective or poor products. In other words, the warranty company must have some guarantee that the mattress was properly supported, and many feel that the box spring is an easy way to determine whether the mattress was used as intended. However, alternatives to box springs that are accepted by warranty companies may include platform beds or mattresses that are compatible with adjustable bases. If you aren’t concerned about voiding a warranty or the warranty does not require the use of a box spring, you may use most one-sided, modern mattresses on any flat, hard surface.

What is a Box Spring?

Also referred to as a “foundation,” a box spring is a wood box with either metal rods or springs that support the mattress. The box spring is the same size as the mattress and helps to support not only your body but also the mattress itself for years of comfort. Box springs also make your mattress higher, so it is easier to climb out of and into bed. However, due to advancements in technology, box springs are not necessarily the industry standard anymore. Platform beds and adjustable bases provide a flat, hard surface via wooden slats in order to support your mattress, and while they should satisfy your warranty should you need to make a claim, it is important to check with the warranty company before making a purchase.

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Most manufacturers will not recognize warranty claims if their mattresses are not fully supported by a box spring. Alternatives to the standard box spring are a compatible adjustable base or a platform bed. If you are looking to upgrade your mattress, you may be able to reuse your current box spring. Most manufacturers will recognize it as a sturdy means of support as long as it remains structurally sound and is free of defects. However, if you are not concerned with filing a claim with the warranty company, you don’t necessarily need a box spring with a mattress.

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