Are There Mattresses That Are Especially Good For Pet Owners?

An often overlooked topic in the mattress market today is that of mattresses that are good for pet owners. While certainly it’s best to concentrate on your own personal sleep needs first, the mattress industry has truly become so large that you really can now think about things like pet ownership when considering a purchase. So what kinds of mattresses really are best for pet owners in particular? Let’s take a look.

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Points of Pet Ownership Applied to Mattresses

To specifically understand the parameters of pet ownership on most mattresses, we can take heed of the following common, pet-provided forms of wear and other stressors to this furnishing. These factors may vary from one pet and pet home to the next. They may also vary based on how often the pet is allowed into the bed.

Mites, Allergens

Mites and other allergens are a natural part of pet ownership despite how clean a pet may be kept. Not only are pets an actual allergen creator, but they also carry around many allergens within their fur coats. While there are many types of mites that can accompany a pet, dust mites are the most common beneficiary and accompaniment which will lovingly take home in the bed, according to WebMD.

Accidents, Sickness

Pets also have accidents. Even the properly house-trained dog or cat can have an accident on occasion, just like humans. They can also become nauseous quickly and vomit just as quickly.


Claws are another significant part of most pets. Designed to help your pet in the wild, they often cause ruin and great stress to home furnishings and other surfaces around the home. Cats can be especially tough in this area as they instinctively seek to sharpen their claws on the items found in their environment.

Weight, Jumping

In smaller animals, this may not be so much of an issue. However, medium and large dogs for example can take on a considerable amount of weight. When this weight then jumps up and down, to and from something such as a mattress, certain attributed wear is bound to take place.

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Resulting Qualities to Look For

We love our pets, but they still do come with some extra considerations for us to manage. The above points are some of the most typical of these considerations. Applied to a mattress collectively, they would spell for a short-lived experience and the need for a new mattress all too soon. So, to avoid this, what kinds of qualities should one look for in a mattress as a pet owner specifically?

Allergen and Mite Resistance

While it’s impossible to control every piece of dirt, every mite, and every allergen that may accompany our pets, we can limit their acceptance by the mattress. By this, we mean that there are many mattresses designed to repel mites and other allergens. Going this route can save a lot of trouble down the road.

Quality Mattress Cover

In much the same spirit of making the mattress an unattractive surface for the collection of undesirable elements, more mattresses today are being manufactured to include their own accompanying mattress cover. This cover will not only aid in mite and allergen repelling, but it will also typically prevent stains and fluid soak-through. Not all covers are created equally, though, so you are recommended to check the quality of the cover first.

Solid Build, Warranty

Finally, to prevent structural or sagging issues often induced by rambunctious or heavy pets, consider buying a mattress of quality build. A cheaply made discount mattress will not likely stand up to the typical abuses of humans plus pets. In addition, consider the manufacturer’s warranty offerings as these may really come in handy to the pet owner later on.

Pet ownership is rewarding, but it can also come with a few extra concerns, too. By considering some of these finer points before that big mattress purchase, you’re much more likely to be fully satisfied with your choice later on. In the end, mattresses that are good for pets are mattresses that are good for pet owners as well.

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