What Features Do Expensive Mattresses Have That Cheap Mattresses Do Not?

We’ve all seen the late-night television infomercials for expensive mattresses, promising a variety of innovative features that cheap mattresses can’t provide. Each of these expensive mattresses offers the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had in our lives; we are reassured of this, time and again. When asked directly, however, few customers can pin down specific, demonstrable features of a good mattress — not without a little prompting. So, what exactly are the advantages of an expensive mattress, and why should you care enough to hand over more of your hard-earned cash?

Adaptive Physical Support

“Adaptive physical support” is a broadly-defined phrase which describes a number of brand-specific attributes common to expensive mattresses. The gist of the concept is that expensive mattresses incorporate innovative materials and design elements that the manufacturers of cheap mattresses cannot afford to develop or implement their own versions of. This provides for two things overall. Expensive mattresses offer a more comfortable night’s sleep, and they offer a healthy level of physical support: they relieve some of the stress placed on various parts of the body, such as the neck, back and hips, by less supportive mattresses.


Expensive mattresses tend to correlate with being a better quality product overall, and one of the ways that shows is in the design and materials involved in their manufacture. Cheap mattresses use affordable materials that lack the long-term durability of those used in expensive mattresses, and they cut corners on design. For example, cheap mattresses tend to offer fewer points of support for a sleeper’s body than what expensive mattresses offer. This not only makes for a less comfortable night’s sleep in the long-term, it also means that the mattress will wear out faster, losing its ability to provide necessary support for your body as its individual support points (traditionally mattress springs) permanently compress under stress. Better-quality support mechanisms and more resilient materials don’t see a lot of use by the manufacturers of cheap mattresses: they can’t afford to take advantage of them, while still keeping their prices low.

Continuing Innovation

Different brands and manufacturers offer a wide range of expensive mattress designs for which cheap mattresses can’t even offer a comparison. There are mattresses that rely on suspension, or use a reactive foam gelatin in place of springs. There are mattresses with multiple comfort settings, and mattresses with built-in heating and air conditioning. These and many more innovative designs are the exclusive domain of expensive mattresses. No one mattress represents the ideal experience for every sleeper, but somewhere within this range there is a mattress that’s just right: one that will provide you with a good night’s sleep, and last a lot longer than any cheap alternative.

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A good night’s rest is absolutely vital to your day-to-day health, and the long-term effects of sleeping on a mattress which offers inadequate support are painful and debilitating. Beginning with adaptive physical support, and proceeding on into a wide range of unique attributes with the sleeper’s comfort in mind, there are a wide range of features which expensive mattresses offer, that cheap mattresses simply don’t have.

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