Best Mattress Stores in Dallas, TX in 2023

Trying to decide where to buy your next mattress in the Dallas, TX area? Check out these shops for the best prices, discounts and range of options.


Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a booming market for mattresses. No less than 79 mattress stores exist in the metropolitan area, from independent shops to nationwide brands, catering to every type of buyer.

New arrivals and growing families will want to know exactly where to buy a mattress in Dallas, and where to find the best quality, best fit for their needs, and best possible price in their neighborhood.

Whether you’re shopping for a top-of-the-line luxury model with smart technology or simply a decent, affordable mattress, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the product you’re looking for at the mattress store in Dallas nearest to you.

Mattress Stores in Central Dallas

The heart of the city is bustling with business and activity, but you won’t find any mattress stores in Dallas within the immediate downtown area. Move a little bit north, though, and you’ll find two centrally-located mattress stores.

The Luxury Bed Collection

1444 Oak Lawn Ave Suite 316, Dallas, TX 75207 Phone: (214) 252-0101

Dallas Luxury Beds an outpost of Chicago Luxury beds, the first stateside retailer of ultra-luxury Swedish brand, Hastens. The store is set up as a supremely refined “sleep spa” with “concierge services” such as sleep assessment and mattress rotation.

Mattress Firm

2633 McKinney Ave Ste 110, Dallas, TX 75204 Phone: (214) 953-3901

Mattress Firm Uptown, on the other hand, is a national chain with a total of 14 mattress shops in Dallas. This large mattress store retails brand-name spring, memory foam and adjustable mattresses. Customers give the Uptown location positive reviews for the knowledgeable and professional sales staff.

Mattress Stores in North Dallas

Mattress Firm

5400 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 101, Dallas, TX 75206 Phone: (214) 826-7600

Mattress Firm dominates the landscape here, with a total of 9 mattress stores in Dallas located north of the city center. Mockingbird Central Plaza have the greatest number of positive reviews. The chain retails a selection of 55 different types of brand-name beds, including basic models and others with the latest materials and sleep technology. The abundance of locations and wide selection makes this mattress store in Dallas a convenient destination.

Dallas Natural Mattress

11661 Preston Rd #301, Dallas, TX 75230 Phone: (469) 232-2333

Those in search of a greener option should consider Dallas Natural Mattress, one of the few mattress stores in Dallas to sell natural products. This mattress shop has been in business for 60 years and builds their own products locally from plant-based memory foam.

Mattress Clearance Centers

1002 N Central Expy #579, Richardson, TX 75080 Phone: (469) 904-2074

If, on the other hand, you’re after the most affordable mattress, visit Mattress Clearance Center Dallas, where customers rave about bargain buys.

Mattress Stores in South Dallas

BT Furnishings

4350 Gannon Ln, Dallas, TX 75237 Phone: (972) 572-9898

You’ll find few mattress stores in Dallas located south of the city center. In fact, the only source that’s consistently well-reviewed is BT Furnishings. As the name implies, this store sells furniture as well as mattresses, making it a great stop for those needing not only an affordable mattress but a bed (and maybe a dresser or two) as well. BT Furnishings is locally owned and has been in business for 25 years, offering affordable pricing and convenient, same-day delivery.

Mattress Stores in East Dallas

Elite Mattress

1707 Alpine St, Dallas, TX 75223 Phone: (214) 887-6615

The mattress shop in East Dallas that earns the most positive reviews is Elite Mattress, a family-owned mattress store which prides itself on providing, “good beds, good people and good prices.” They do not have a website.

Rico’s Furniture

1018 S Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75217 Phone: (469) 235-0822

Beds and bedroom sets, as well as mattresses, can be had at Rico’s Furniture. This small, family-owned furnishings and mattress store is well-reviewed for prices but can be crowded with merchandise, so plan for a bit of hunting.

Mattress Firm

6464 E NW Hwy Ste 514, Dallas, TX 75214 Phone: (214) 613-4579

If you prefer a more spacious mattress shop, there’s always the wide selection and expansive showroom of Mattress Firm, which has a store in Northeast Dallas, located in the Medallion Center.

Mattress Stores in West Dallas

Mattress Outlet

1290 Conveyor Ln, Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: (214) 631-3257

Simmons Mattress Outlet is the go-to store for an affordable mattress in Dallas’ western area. Customers rave about the bargain prices they score on BeautyRest products, including pocketed coil spring and hybrid mattresses.

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