Zinus Mattress Review


Have you ever compared sleeping on your current mattress to living in a state of wonder? Would you ever consider your mattress to be a “fluffy marshmallow?” If you answered no, we encourage you to read our Zinus Mattress review. Zinus is the company that will introduce you to a world of wonder—where you can order up a magical night of sleep to rest your feet.

Finding the best mattress for your needs can be overwhelming, and our Zinus mattress review is here to help you meet that challenge.

Founded in 1979 by Youn Jae Lee, Zinus was initially an outdoor products company focusing on comfort-oriented tents and outdoor furnishings. In 2003, Lee moved Zinus into the home market by creating well-made mattresses at affordable prices. By 2018, this direct-to-consumer company had introduced several innovations, including: a compression-packing technology; patented “Support Base;” “BioFoam®” made with natural seed oil, green tea extract, and active charcoal; and patented Gel Technologies.  

Zinus products are sold not only through its website, but also at Amazon, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.  Originally based in South Korea, Zinus currently has 9 locations worldwide. 

Zinus focuses on creating products in an environment that feels like family, and delivering wonder and harmony throughout the home. Zinus focuses on meeting the sleep needs of its customers by reading every Zinus mattress review, listening to input, and then adjusting its products and business structure accordingly. You might be questioning whether their fluffy bed-in-a-box at a budget-friendly price provides the right combination of support and comfort for a substantial good night’s sleep. 

To assist you in seeking answers, the following review of Zinus mattresses is based on customer input. It is important to note, Zinus currently offers a range of eight mattress models, which are all detailed on their website and also on partnering sites and at registered retailers. These other vendors also sell previously available Zinus mattresses. This review will focus on three of the eight mattresses, as these models received high overall customer ratings. 

Zinus Mattress

OMR Profile Zinus Body1
CertiPUR-US® Certified
100-night trial
10-year warranty
Multiple firmness and models
Free shipping via FedEx
Price: $112-$467
Finance option through Affirm
Sold on Zinus.com, Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club

Be Selective to Get Restorative Sleep

Restorative sleep is an important part of the 24-hour cycle, as this is a critical time when the body and brain need to rebuild and rejuvenate. A mattress can—and should—serve as a necessary “charging station” to reenergize the body. With a wide selection of mattresses on the market, it can be a challenging (and confusing) endeavor deciding which one fits your personal preferences, needs, and budget. Before you begin such a Goldilocks journey, it’s inevitable you’ll face the important question: What is my main priority while choosing?

During the selection process, you’ll want to specifically focus on choosing a mattress with the right combination of support and comfort. Proper support provides spinal alignment, and comfort provides pressure relief for a restful night’s sleep. Also consider sleep position, firmness preference, temperature regulation, body weight, and your Body Mass Index (BMI). We’ll cover these factors in the Firm to Plush section later in this review of Zinus mattresses.  

Mattress Types and Thickness Options

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Zinus understands that mattresses are as personal as sleep itself. As a result, they offer mattresses in two categories: memory foam and hybrid. With a few exceptions, thickness options include 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch models, one 13-inch model, and a 14-inch option. It’s worth noting that the thicker the mattress, the plusher it is (see Comfort Guide). Later in this review, we’ll take a look at the Firm to Plush range for each model. Multiple options allow sleepers to choose the comfort and support level that best suits their sleep needs and preferences. 

Memory Foam

Developed in 1966 by NASA, Memory Foam was created to absorb shocks, thus improving protection and comfort during the unique rigors of space flight. By the 1990s, medical facilities were using memory foam in their beds to help pain sufferers sleep comfortably and with minimal pain. Today, this foam technology’s popularity in the mattress market is largely due to the distinctive cradling sensation it offers to sleepers. This sensation is a result of the foam’s body-contouring effects—resulting in significant pressure/pain relief. 

Currently, Zinus sells four memory foam mattresses. 

When it comes to the issue of motion transfer, which can be a major concern for some couples, memory foam is excellent at absorbing and isolating movement while simultaneously allowing for rebound. The form mattress customizes itself to individual shapes and sleep positions, allowing for ease of movement for light sleepers—minimizing the possibility of disturbing your partner. 


Hybrid mattresses are a good option for sleepers who prefer a balance between firm and soft, with minimal body contouring but added support. Many people who do not like memory foam mattresses love a hybrid mattress.

A hybrid  combines memory foam layers with innerspring construction. This composition is ideal for sleepers who want the benefits of pressure relief from memory foam and the support and bounce from a traditional innerspring.

Currently, Zinus sells four hybrid models. Three are made with pocket coils using its iCoil® Technology, and one using a traditional innerspring. The Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress is the only Zinus bed with a traditional innerspring, and is rated between 5.4 and 6.3 on Zinus’s plush Comfort Guide. Note that innerspring coils do not work independently of one another.

Pocket coils are springs individually wrapped in fabric. Unlike traditional springs, pocket coils operate independently, not moving as a whole; coil movement occurs only when pressure is applied to a specific area. Ideal for couples, this notably minimizes motion transfer—so no more worries about waking your partner.

Unique Materials in Zinus Mattresses

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With an emphasis on giving sleepers a cozy and peaceful night’s sleep, Zinus incorporates a unique blend of materials into its mattresses.

Cooling Fabric – The knitted jacquard cover is a stretchable, soft-knit design that helps keep you cool, and is especially beneficial for those who have a tendency to sweat at night. The Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam mattresses, and Pressure Relief Euro Top Pocketed iCoil® Hybrid are made with this material. 

Cooling Gel Foam – The top layer of gel-foam conforms to the body and regulates body temperature. The Cooling Gel Memory Foam and Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam mattresses are made with this material. 

BioFoam®In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Zinus makes its BioFoam® with a unique design that replaces some of the traditional petroleum products that are found in many types of memory foam with natural seed oil.

Viscolatex Memory Foam – This is a responsive foam made of memory foam and latex. It gives the mattress bounce and eliminates that “stuck-in-quicksand” sensation. The Pressure Relief Memory Foam and Mint Green Foam Hybrid mattresses contain this material.

Comfort Foam – This foam layer is added over the springs on hybrid mattresses with Zinus iCoil® Technology. It conforms to and cradles the body to ease—or even eliminate—pressure points.

Green Tea Extract – An antioxidant that is infused into the BioFoam® to decrease odor absorption and keep the mattress smelling fresh.

Active Charcoal – Purified charcoal is added to the mattress to absorb moisture and minimize odor. 

Compression Packing Technology – The Zinus design allows for efficiently compressing, rolling, and shipping the mattress in a box, right to your door. This technology prevents any impairment to the full intended dimensions after opening.

Firm to Plush

OMR Profile Zinus Body4

Under each mattress model section on its website, Zinus recently added a Comfort Guide. Unlike most companies, which use a 1-10 firmness range (1=soft and 10=firm), Zinus rates their mattresses based on a 1-10 plush range (1=firmest and 10=plushest).

It is important to note that everyone differs in weight, firmness preference, and BMI, so take these factors into consideration. According to The Better Sleep Council, to meet an individual’s comfort level, also factor in BMI when selecting the optimal mattress thickness. 

 Memory Foam Models

ModelThicknessPlush Range, 1=firm, 10=plush
Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress6-inch5.9
Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress8-inch5.6



Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cloud Mattress8-inch6.2


Gel-Infused Green Tea ActivFRESH Memory Mattress6-inch5.4




Hybrid Models

ModelThicknessPlush Range, 1=firm, 10=plush
Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress10-inch5.8

Pressure Relief Euro Top, Pocketed iCoil® Spring Hybrid Mattress12-inch5.7

Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress6-inch5.4


Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil® Hybrid Mattress10-inch4.9

Let’s Review Some Zinus Mattresses

OMR Profile Zinus Body5

The three products we’ll cover in this review of Zinus mattresses are the Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cloud, Pressure Relief Euro Top Pocketed iCoil® Hybrid, and the Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring models.

Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cloud 

Like the other Zinus foam mattress options, this fluffy bed is available in an 8-,10-, or 12-inch thickness. The cloud-like experience is a result of using customized memory foam and microfiber material. Considered by Zinus a 6.2-7.3 on the plush range, this mattress provides restorative sleep by cradling the body and providing spinal alignment. Many reviewers experience the best sleep they’ve ever had, back and hip pain relief, and even the sensation of being hugged by a giant teddy bear!

The mattress consists of four layers: ViscoLatex responsive foam, memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density base support foam. This combination accommodates changing sleep positions, provides gentle spine and joint relief, and improves circulation.

Pressure Relief Euro Top Pocketed iCoil® Hybrid 

Creating the experience of comfort for a luxurious night’s sleep, this model is a popular mattress among customers – receiving a 4.4/5.0 on Zinus.com. As we delve into the construction of the mattress, we’ll begin to understand its popularity. This soft yet firm bed is available in a 12-inch and 13-inch thickness with a plush range of 5.7 and 5.9, respectively.

This mattress consists of a knitted jacquard, cool fabric cover and four layers: fiber padding, foam, high-density foam, high-density base foam, and pocket iCoil® springs. The foam layers conform to your body for pressure relief, giving you a “sleeping-on-a-cloud” sensation, while the pocket springs support proper spinal alignment.

One reviewer said: “The hybrid is a fantastic combination of the individually wrapped coils for support and foam on top to help with pressure points. It is just like how other people describe firm yet soft…and best of all, my back pain has greatly improved. I can’t stress how happy I am with this mattress!” 

Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring

For sleepers preferring traditional innerspring for firm support, Zinus has you covered. The mattress comes in a 6-, 8-, and 10-inch thickness, with a plush range of 5.4-6.3. The high-density foam, ViscoLatex foam, and the innerspring, along with the knitted jacquard cover, create a supportive and comfortable mattress.

The ViscoLatex foam provides the appropriate level of contour and pressure relief, making it ideal for pain relief and support. The high-density base foam is the foundation of this mattress, supporting the innerspring. This combination allows for superior motion isolation.

One reviewer wrote: “…this mattress is the most comfortable mattress I’ve had in my life, the mattress is firm, yet plush at the same time, and the 2 layers of the Viscolatex are incredible, you can stand on this mattress and you don’t, at my weight, even come close to squishing the foam all the way, yet when you lay on it to sleep, you feel absolutely zero weight on your pressure points, but the independent coils still support you and keep your back aligned perfectly, sleeping on this is the first time in my adult life that my whole body feels like it got a good night’s sleep…”

Exceptional Value for a Cozy Sleep

OMR Profile Zinus Body9

Our review of Zinus mattresses found that the company combines eco-friendly ingredients and foam materials to meet the needs and preferences of all types of sleepers—even you. The design is intended to result in an experience Zinus describes as a “living in wonder” sensation. Given the technology described, you might be led to believe the mattress is expensive. In fact, these wonder-quality beds are priced quite reasonably when compared to most foam and hybrid mattresses. 

Memory Foam Models

ModelThicknessTwinFullQueenKingCalifornia King
Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief6-inch$112$142$156$186N/A



Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress8-inch$172$218$246$295N/A



Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cloud Mattress8-inch$169$216$249$294N/A


Gel-Infused Green Tea ActivFRESH Memory6-inch$119$153$177N/AN/A




Hybrid Models

ModelThicknessTwinFullQueenKingCalifornia King
Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress10-inch$200$263$312$368N/A

Pressure Relief Euro Top, Pocketed iCoil® Spring Hybrid Mattress12-inch$226$297$329$416N/A

Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress6-inch$112$142$166N/AN/A


Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil® Hybrid Mattress10-inch$226$303$336$427N/A

100-Night Trial

OMR Profile Zinus Body8

When your mattress is delivered to your door by FedEx, Zinus gives you a 100-night trial with no break-in period. You can make a return anytime during that time frame for a full refund. If the mattress was purchased from any of their partner sites, you’ll need to follow the return time frame and policy of the partner site. 

Zinus will only accept a returned product in good condition. They will reject mattresses with stains, mysterious smells, or drools. You’ll need to submit proof of purchase and complete an online form. A prepaid label and instructions for arranging a FedEx pickup will be sent to you. The full refund is issued 2-3 business days after receipt of the return. 


Zinus stands behind the quality of its materials and understands the importance of your investment. The 10-year warranty applies to all new mattresses purchased at the Zinus website or from an authorized retailer. To receive up-to-date warranty and product information, you’ll need to register your product through its website. The warranty guarantees against defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty is voided if the mattress is improperly used, altered, or if the tags are removed. 

Zinus Products

In addition to its mattresses, Zinus offers a wide selection of related products. 

For the Bed Frames and Foundations, you will not need a box spring; they take only 10 minutes to assemble, and a free tutorial is available on the website.

The Platform Beds are another easy-to-assemble product with a free online tutorial.

The Sofas and Loveseats arrive in a box with easy assembly. 

The Sleepyheads Quiz

To help you find your dreamiest bed, Zinus offers the Find Your Perfect Mattress quiz. Questions include  sleep style—whether you love feeling cradled, supported, or a little bit of both. Another question addresses sleep disturbances—feeling too hot, motion from sleeping partners or pets, and aches and pains. The result is one mattress recommendation from its line of eight models. 

Customer Highlights

“Wow. This bed is fantastic! I am a back sleeper generally. This mattress provides complete support of my lower back as well as all other areas. No transfer of motion, no squeaks, and very easy to change positions, unlike some memory foam mattresses where you sink in and good luck getting out of the indentation you’ve made. The first night and every night has been a sound sleep experience for me.” Cnf860“After almost a year, I can say I still love this mattress. After a long day, when I lay down in it, I can feel my whole body just relax into it, all while being supported.” – crazypelo77

“I never thought that a bed-in-a- box would be a good mattress. This mattress has exceeded my expectations and this mattress is great. I could not believe but I would end up getting a good night sleep and my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Sleeping on this mattress is firm yet soft. I’m a large woman and the springs hold up very well. I would recommend this mattress that is sold by Walmart to anyone, especially for the price.” – Sharon

To date, Zinus claims it has more than 400,000 satisfied customers. Common praises shared by customers include pain relief, best sleep in years, the perfect range of comfort and support, and easy assembly. It’s no wonder Zinus is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box companies in the market.

A minority of reviewers expressed that the memory foam and hybrid mattresses are firmer than expected. One noted: “Only slept on this a few nights but this mattress is VERY FIRM.”  

The Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief 12-inch mattress receives positive reviews for heavyweight sleepers. 

One reviewer said: “I got the full size 12” model and the SmartBase Elite. I weigh over 300lbs and I have slept on this in roughly the same spot for over a year and a half (didn’t think to rotate it). There is no discernible dip or impression where my body lays, nothing you can see with your eyes nor anything I can feel when I lay down. Feels the same as it did the day I got it. It’s the best bed I’ve ever had. I don’t know what’s happening to everyone else, but mine is holding up very well.”

Is Zinus Your Dreamiest Mattress?

OMR Profile Zinus Body3

As you ponder whether Zinus is the right fit for you, here are a few thoughts to consider:

Memory Foam 

Just the Right Choice for:

  • Sleepers who prefer a soft mattress and cradling feeling
  • Sleepers on a budget
  • Couples who appreciate excellent motion isolation and edge support, with accommodation for ease of movement without disturbing the lightest of sleepers

Not the Right Choice for:

  • Sleepers preferring innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattresses
  • Sleepers with chemical-odor sensitivities might experience discomfort with off-gassing, which is common in the direct-to-consumer-mattress market


Just the Right Choice for:

  • Sleepers who prefer a medium-firm mattress
  • Sleepers who do not like the traditional memory foam construction
  • Couples who appreciate excellent motion isolation and edge support, with accommodation for ease of movement without disturbing the lightest of sleepers
  • Sleepers on a budget

Not the Right Choice for:

  • Sleepers preferring a traditional memory foam construction or latex mattress
  • Seepers who prefer a soft mattress and that deep-hug feeling
  • Sleepers with chemical-odor sensitivities might experience discomfort with off-gassing, which is common in the direct-to-consumer-mattress market
Several model options, varying thicknesses available for each
Easy product assembly with tutorial
Motion isolation design
Contouring and supportive
100-night trial period1
0-year warranty 
Exceptional prices
Available online, Amazon, Walmart, and Sam’s Club
Model options for all weight categories and sleep preferences
Some models too firm for sleepers
Some concerns about customer service and warranty
48-hour waiting period for proper, full inflation
Off-gassing odor
Weak edge support in innerspring models
Complaints of body pain using innerspring model


To conclude our Zinus mattress review, it appears to us that Zinus’s dedication to providing quality mattresses at affordable prices (and for all types of sleepers) is evident in its wide array of mattress and thickness options for memory foam and hybrid model categories—as well as bed frames and sofas. Each product is designed with the specific needs and preferences of customers in mind. While there are several options with varying thicknesses available for each, it’s worth noting that the firmness levels of some models are slightly higher than most. Overall, whether you are looking to sleep on cloud nine or attempt break-dancing on a supportive, firm foundation, Zinus has a match for you.