Lyocell vs. Cotton Sheets

What do you want against your skin?

With so many options available, choosing the right set of sheets for your bed is more challenging now than ever before. If you’re looking for the most comfortable sheets you can find, or you have specific preferences about breathability, easy care, or durability, it’s important to consider what material your new sheets will be made from.

To help you understand the differences, we’ll compare lyocell vs. cotton sheets and focus on who might like each one. Once you have an idea of the material you want, it’ll be easier to find the best sheets for you.

Lyocell vs. Cotton Sheets

Both lyocell and cotton sheets are very common, although cotton is a much more traditional material for sheets. Nearly every bedding company sells cotton sheets and there are tons of different kinds available. Lyocell is a newer material, but it offers several advantages. 

Let’s dive into our comparison of lyocell vs. cotton sheets to explore their benefits and potential drawbacks.

Cotton Sheets

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When most people think of sheets, they think of cotton. That’s no surprise, because cotton sheets have been around for centuries. 

Cotton sheets are known to be soft and cozy against your skin. However, the many different kinds of cotton sheets can make it difficult to choose the right ones for you. 

Strengths we love

  • Affordability is one of the major benefits of cotton sheets vs. lyocell sheets. 
  • Lower-quality cotton sheets tend to be very affordable, although they may not be as comfortable. Higher-quality sheets made from Pima or Egyptian cotton are softer but may stretch your budget a little more. But even these higher-quality options will almost always be cheaper than lyocell sheets. 
  • Cotton is also a durable and strong material, and many cotton sheets will last for years. This is especially true if you opt for sheets made from 100% cotton, especially with the higher-quality types, such as Egyptian cotton.
  • Care is another area where cotton sheets tend to shine. Washing cotton sheets is exceptionally easy — simply add them to your regular washing machine using either hot or cold water. You can even bleach cotton sheets if they become stained, which you can’t do with lyocell sheets. 

Things To consider

  • Cotton sheets do come with some drawbacks. First of all, most people find that they can be a bit uncomfortable for the first few nights. The material tends to be stiff and rough when you first take your new sheets out of the package. However, they’ll become softer as you use them, and you can always wash them first to start that process.
  • Another drawback is that with so many different types of cotton sheets, it can be tough to choose the right ones. A label that says “100% cotton” doesn’t necessarily mean the sheets are high quality, so you’ll want to do a little more research to find the best cotton sheets.
  • You may also notice that cotton sheets crease easily, especially after they come out of the dryer. To solve this issue, simply make your bed fairly quickly after removing your sheets from the dryer. 

Lyocell Sheets

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Now it’s time to compare lyocell sheets vs. cotton sheets. Lyocell is a much newer material, and it offers several unique characteristics. 

Lyocell is made from the wood of eucalyptus trees. These trees grow relatively fast, so they’re considered a renewable resource. The wood is pulped and broken down with chemicals, and then turned into fibers that can be woven into material. 

The first lyocell sheets were introduced in 1972, but it wasn’t until much later, in 1990, that the first factory specializing in lyocell opened in the United States. 

strengths we love

  • When you compare lyocell vs. cotton sheets, you’ll find that lyocell tends to provide a smoother surface. It’s also great for keeping you cooler at night, and it has wicking properties that move moisture away from your body. If you tend to sleep hot and sometimes find yourself sweating at night, lyocell sheets might be a good option.
  • Lyocell’s durability is another added benefit. Similar to cotton, lyocell sheets tend to last for a very long time with proper care and cleaning. 

Things to consider

  • For most people, the biggest factor when considering lyocell vs. cotton sheets is price. Lyocell sheets are relatively expensive. While it’s possible to find a cheap set of 100% cotton sheets, it’s unlikely that you’ll find cheap lyocell sheets. That means you should consider your budget carefully to see whether lyocell sheets might not be the best option for you right now.
  • The overall appearance of lyocell sheets can also be a turnoff for some people. Even though lyocell sheets are expensive, some people think they appear cheap and don’t like the texture. 

Lyocell vs. Cotton Sheets: Which Should You Choose?

Neither option is the best for everyone. Consider your personal preferences and budget to help you make the decision. Lyocell sheets are more expensive than many cotton sheets, but they can be a great option for people with sensitive skin or who tend to overheat at night. However, cotton sheets come in a larger range of quality and price, which gives you the chance to find ones that meet your exact needs, from affordable basic sheet sets to luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets.


A good night’s sleep is important. If you have purchased a comfortable and quality mattress, you need to next consider what goes on top! What do you want against your skin? Yes, we get it… your budget may dictate what sort of sheets you get as well; however, remember that quality sheets last longer, therefore, may reduce your costs in the long run. Comfort is also key!