The 10 Best Sheets in 2023

One of life’s little pleasures has to be crawling under clean, comfortable sheets at the end of an exhausting day. And, for sure, while a good mattress is vital to quality sleep, scratchy, sweat-inducing bedding can easily spoil your comfort while you slumber.  

However, when shopping for sheets, many of us pick products based on pattern and price. And while both are relevant, neither indicate whether the chosen bedding will feel good, fit well, or last long out of its packaging.

So before you invest in your next set of bed linen, make sure you have some idea of what constitutes quality in terms of a sheet’s materials, thread count, texture, and weave.

And if all of this sounds a little overwhelming – don’t worry! There’s no need to lose any sleep over which are the best sheets to buy. Whether you want something cool and crisp, or soft and snuggly, we’ve got you covered with our 10 Best Sheets list below.


Boll and Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll and Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll and Branch make luxury bedding with ethically and organically grown materials. This makes them a top choice for shoppers who want quality as well as responsibly-produced products. That’s achieved in spades with the brand’s soft and silky, GOTS-certified Solid Hemmed Sheet Set.

The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, with a free reusable bedding storage bag thrown in for good measure. There’s a variety of neutral colors to choose from, such as ivory, pewter and stone, as well as the standard white.

The sheets are made from organic long-staple cotton, which is to say, they’re stronger, softer, and much more durable than bedding that use shorter staples (i.e. fibers.)

They’re also woven with single-ply cotton into a 300 thread count making them super-soft and breathable, and perfect for hot sleepers. The four-under, one-over pattern brings out a subtle sateen sheen that while low on luster is still high on that cool, silky sateen feel.

The 17-inch-deep pockets on the fitted sheet means that the ultra-smooth, soft, and cool-sleeping sheets are able to fit nearly all modern mattresses. And with the complete bedding being machine washable, you can also add low maintenance as yet another marker of this sheet set’s high quality.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $200 – $295
  • Size and Fit: Twin – Split King; Fitted sheets have 17” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Weave: Sateen
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Colors: 7 neutral colors
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty: Free shipping and a 100-days return policy
  • Special features: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fair Trade certified. Boll & Branch also donate to Not For Sale, a non-profit that fights against human trafficking; Free shipping.


Luxe Sateen Sheets by Brooklinen

OMR Sheets 2 Brooklinen

Brooklinen is a New York-based brand that has accrued something of a cult status since it’s successful Kickstarter launch campaign in 2014. It offers luxury sheets at accessible prices, with its soft, supple, and oh-so silky Luxe sateen sheets a customer favorite. 

The sheets, which come in multiple colors and striped patterns, are made of 100 percent long-staple cotton. Combined with a sateen weave, this gives them their strong but luxurious feel.

Because the weave in sateen is denser, sheets are often less breathable and a little warmer than other weaves such as Percale. However, that’s not the case with this Brooklinen best seller. These sheets tend to get a perfect 10 from fans of the brand for their ability to keep snoozers cool as well as cozy. 

The fact that their thread count punches in at 480, which is within the 300-600 range considered ideal for cotton by experts, means that you can expect sumptuous softness as a no-brainer.

Additionally, the sheets are Oeko-Tex certified, which signals that they’re free of harmful chemicals and materials.

Though the sheets are more lightweight than you’d expect from a sateen selection, they are durable. And even if they do start to pill, rip or fray, the company’s lifetime warranty for all its products means a quick heads-up on the problem will prompt facilitation of repairs or a replacement free of charge.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: From $54 (fitted sheets) – $219 (Luxe Hardcore Bundle)
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 15” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Weave: Sateen
  • Thread Count: 480
  • Colors: Variety of neutral colors and striped patterns
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Lifespan and Warranty: Lifetime warranty and 365-day sleep trial
  • Special features: OEKO-TEX certified


Percale Sheet Set by Parachute

OMR Sheets 3 Parachute

People often wonder which are the best sheets – Sateen or Percale? But the real answer is “neither.” Truthfully, it all comes down to whether you prefer the lustrous, smooth finish of sateen or the crisp, matte feel of Percale. And if you’re someone who cheers in the corner of the latter weave, then you are likely familiar with Los Angeles-founded brand, Parachute.   

Parachute’s crisp and cool Percale sheet selection are made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, which means strong as well as soft. And though the classic one-over-one-under Percale weave typically creates sheets with a little more snap, Parachute stonewashes its bedding for a more supple texture.   

But don’t let this extra-coziness factor fool you into thinking you’ll end up overheating while you snooze. These lightweight sheets are wonderfully moisture-wicking, with a cool breathability that makes them a top choice for sweaty sleepers.

Parachute offers their sheet sets with two pillowcases and a fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The brand doesn’t include top sheets with their sets, though you do have the option to include one if that’s your preference. But be warned – doing so can make your bill a lot pricier.

Parachute’s design has a clean, nature-cool aesthetic, which comes through in the great selection of solid sheet colors. Choice range from white, blush, and slate to powder blue and navy. And, the sheets are easy to maintain too as they are machine washable and, according to the company, are constructed to continue softening with wear and wash.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $109 – $149
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 16” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton
  • Weave: Percale
  • Thread Count: Not Known (the brand don’t include details of TC claiming its not relevant to quality)
  •  Colors: 6 different colors available
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty: No warranty but there is a 60-day trial; all returned items are donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • Special Features: OEKO-TEX certified; Parachute supports the charity Nothing But Nets, and every time you buy a set of sheets they donate a life-saving malaria bed net.


Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets

OMR Sheets 4 BrooklynBedding

For airy and affordable bed clothes, one of the best sheets on the market is Brooklyn Bedding’s Brushed Microfiber Sheets. Natural cotton is the common go-to material when you’re looking for sleep-time comfort. But the super-thin synthetic fibers used to create cool, lightweight microfiber bedding can give cotton some competition, and Brooklyn Bedding’s brushed microfiber sheets are a case in point.  

Made with finely woven 100% polyester fibers, these light and fresh-feeling sheets are smooth, strong, and brushed for increased softness. The microfiber material wicks away moisture from the sleeper’s body, which means those who typically sleep hot can enjoy a cool night’s shut-eye. In addition, the sheets are great for people with allergies as they ward off dust and airborne allergens.

Because the weave is so tight, the sheets are also effective at repelling stains, as well as resisting wrinkles and pilling. This makes them longer-lasting than your average bedding, even after numerous machine washes.  

Alongside all of this, a price tag that comes under $60, six color options, and a fitted sheet that’s suitable for a standard mattress up to 14 inches thick, ensures Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $39-$69
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 14” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Weave: Brushed Microfiber
  • Colors: 6 different colors available
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty: 30-night return policy; No warranty on sheets
  • Special Features: Good for people with sensitive skin and allergies; Free shipping.


Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Flannel Sheets

OMR Sheets 5 Pinzon

When it’s cold outside it’s time to get toasty inside. And what better way to warm up in the fall and winter than with cozy flannel sheets like Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Flannel Sheets?

These thick, velvety-soft sheets from Amazon’s private label-brand are made from a 100% combed cotton yarn. The fabric is double-napped, meaning that both sides have a raised fuzzy surface to offer deep coziness no matter which side of the bedding is in use.

For cold sleepers, they are a comfy choice all year round. Though if you prefer your sheets cool over snuggly then they may not be for you.  

Sold as a set, with two pillowcases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet, this Portuguese-made bedding come in 10 different colors and patterns. However, there are only three sizes to choose from – Queen, King and California King. The Queen fitted sheet measures 60 x 80 inches and fits all modern mattresses up to 17 inches thick, while the flat sheet for the same size measures 90 x108 inches.

The sheets are also Oeko-Tex certified, which means environmentally-friendly materials and processes were used in their craftsmanship. Additionally, they are easy to keep clean, and being strong and durable, resist pilling and tearing too.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $69.99 – $76.99 
  • Size and Fit: Queen – California King; Fitted sheets have 17” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weave: Flannel
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Dimensions: (Queen) Fitted sheet measures 60 x 80 inches;
  • Colors: 10 different colors and patterns available
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty:  One-year warranty
  • Special Features: Oeko-Tex certified


Casper Cool Supima Sheets

OMR Sheets 6 CasperSupima

If you’re on the hunt for bedding that boast that crisply cool, clean, luxury-hotel feel, then the Casper Cool Supima sheet set may be the right choice for you.

As noted in the name, they’re made with US-grown Supima (also called pima) cotton. This is a higher-quality fiber consisting of extra-long staples that produces a luxuriously soft fabric. The sheets also offer a 400 two-ply thread count, which adds to the sumptuous texture.

But don’t be seduced by the softness alone – Supima fabric is strong as well as supple, and Casper’s Supima sheets hold up against fraying, fading, tearing, and pilling. However, because they are quite crisp, they can be a little noisy at first, though any rustling will soon recede after regular washing. 

A big plus for sweaty snoozers is that the bedding doesn’t snag on your body and is super-cool to sleep on. One of Supima’s strengths is the fact that it is absorbent and airy, and Casper have taken this a step further with a breathable percale weave.  

The sheets come in a set that includes one flat and one fitted sheet, along with two pillow cases. There are over 10 colors to choose from, and some are bordered with complementary light or dark shades. Furthermore, Casper include snaps and rubberized grips on fitted sheets, making it easier to keep them in place once the bed is dressed.

It’s also worth knowing that the sheets are Oeko-Tex certified, which, again, means that the highest environmentally-safe production standards are ensured.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $90 – $140
  • Size and Fit: Twin – King; 16-inch pocket depth
  • Dimensions: (Queen) Fitted sheet 60″ x 80″; Flat, 94″ x 108″; Pillowcases, 21″ x 32.75”
  • Material: 100% Supima (also known as pima) cotton
  • Weave: Percale
  • Thread Count: 400 2-ply
  • Colors: 10+ colors available
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable on a cool wash
  •  Warranty:  100-night sleep trial and one year limited warranty
  • Special Features: Fitted sheets come with snaps and rubberized grips.


Cultiver Linen Sheet Set with Pillowcases

OMR Sheets 7 Cultiver

A big problem for a lot of sleepers is that they tend to heat up while asleep. And let’s be honest – who likes waking up wet, whiffy, and with terrifying bedhead brought on by excessive sweating? Exactly. (We’re guessing you opted for “no-one!”)

So, what’s the solution? For some, it’s linen sheets. And if you want top of the range, then the luxury bedding brand, Cultiver, have a Linen Sheet Set that beautifully blends breathability, coolness, and sleep comfort.

Woven from 100% European flax, these sheets are stonewashed and pre-washed for straight-out-of-the-package softness, unlike a lot of other scratchy linen bedding that has to be broken in first.

Because linen is highly absorbent as well as temperature-regulating, even the clammiest snoozer will find that sheets made with this fabric wick perspiration away from the skin as they sleep. Cultiver also ensures that you don’t need a heavy comforter if you’re worried about keeping warm; The sheets punch in at a weight of 165 GSM keeping them light but insulating. Linen’s hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant properties also make this bedding a good bet for anyone with skin disorders or sensitivities.

A further reason that Cultiver is a good buy for linen lovers is the fact that they come in a vast array of colors. The fitted sheets also boast an extra deep 18” pocket, which means even the tallest mattresses can be accommodated. An added touch is that each set comes with its own linen bag for storage.

Cultiver’s Linen Sheet Set has, like most other linen bedding, a high price tag. This has to do with the labor-intensive process that goes into growing, curing, and spinning flax fibers into gorgeous, cool bedding. However, with proper care, your sheets can last over a decade, which means you’re not just making your buck back in the long run, you’re investing in quality in the short-term too.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: $315 – $400
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 18” pocket depth
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Weight: 165 GSM
  • Colors: 15 different colors and 2 stripe patterns available
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty:  30-night sleep trial; No warranty
  • Special Features: Each sheet set comes with its own linen bag for storage; Free shipping to contiguous US and Canada.


Luxor Linens Bali Bamboo Sheets

Luxor Linens Bali Bamboo Sheets

Sheets made from bamboo-based fabric have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Much of this has to do with the fact that bamboo is not only considered more sustainable and eco-friendly than cotton, but offers exceptional comfort and coolness too. Its these latter characteristics that makes Luxor Linens Bali Bamboo Sheets one of the best of the bamboo bunch.

These Luxor Linen sheets are constructed from a blend of polyester microfibers and viscose made from bamboo. This gives the bedding its luxurious feel, though the material’s infusion of aloe vera helps push the plushness along. While bamboo-made materials are naturally moisture-wicking, the aloe vera also helps maintain the overall coolness of this sheet set, making it an altogether smart choice for hot sleepers.   

People with particularly big mattresses will love the fact that the fitted sheets in this set have a remarkable pocket depth of 21 inches. While little touches like the ability to have your pillowcases monogrammed add a soupçon of style that makes these sheets feel that little bit more special.

Finally, twelve colors to choose from, and a 90-night sleep trial adds to the set’s appeal.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: From $114 (Twin)
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 21” pocket depth
  • Material: Viscose made from bamboo with polyester microfibers
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Dimensions: (Queen) Fitted sheet 60″ x 80″; Flat, 88″ x 100″; Pillowcases, 20″ x 30”
  • Colors: 12 different colors
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty:  90-night sleep trial; Free returns.
  • Special Features: Free US shipping for orders over $49.


Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Sets

Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Sets

Snuggling down under organic cotton sheets is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for you – and your pocket.

For sure, cotton sheets are strong, soft, and breathable. But sheets made with organic cotton tend to be more durable, not to mention hypo-allergenic, as they haven’t undergone the usual chemical processing that can weaken non-organic fibers. 

Many companies claim their bedding is “organic” and “natural.” But don’t believe the hype unless it’s backed up by a bona fide certification, which according to the Consumer’s Report, includes Oeko-Tex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Sets are not only made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and eco-friendly dyes, but the textile used is also Fair Trade certified (indicating ethical employment practices), and everything comes in eco-friendly packaging. 

As with the materials, quality hasn’t been spared in the construction either. The bottom of the fitted sheet is elasticated, ensuring a tight hug around the mattress. The sheet also has a pocket depth of up to 16 inches, making it available for a wide range of mattresses.

With a 300 thread count produced from long-staple fibers, the sheets and pillowcases in this set are durable, but equally will continue to soften after wash cycles. The sateen weave also adds to the supreme silky soft feel, though a downside of this set is that there are only three colors to choose from. 

Sheet Details:

  • Price: From $129 – $179
  • Size and Fit: Twin to California King; Pocket depth upto 16”
  • Material: Organic cotton
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Dimensions: (Queen) Fitted sheet 60″ x 80″; Flat, 88″ x 100″; Pillowcases, 20″ x 30”
  • Colors: Three colors – White, Ivory and Blue
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty:  30-night sleep trial
  • Special Features: Free shipping; GOTS and Fair Trade Certified; Dyes and packaging also eco-friendly.


Slumber Cloud’s Stratus Sheet Set

OMR Sheets 10 SlumberCloud

Most bedding companies know the importance of making sheets cool to sleep on. So taking the title of the best cooling sheets is pretty impressive. However, Slumber Cloud’s Stratus Sheet Set pip most to the post because of the NASA-approved technology they utilize (and hey – it’s not often you get the OK from NASA for a good night’s sleep!)

Truth is, the Outlast Technology that was originally developed by the US air and space agency for astronauts is perfect for keeping bedding cool. It employs phase changing materials (PCM) that absorbs, retains, and then releases heat for maximum thermal comfort.

Slumber Cloud’s sateen sheet set is made with 50% Outlast viscose and 50% cotton. This blend of materials creates bedding that is soft and strong, as well as super-cool. The 300 single-ply thread count only adds to its superior softness and breathability.

The set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet with a 360-degree elastic band to fit snugly over any mattress up to 15 inches tall.

However, while there’s so much to love about this bedding, it should be noted that the sheets tend to shrink a little in the first wash. To counteract this, wash in cold water or on a delicate spin cycle.

Sheet Details:

  • Price: From $159 (Twin)
  • Size and Fit: Twin – California King; Fitted sheets have 15” pocket depth
  • Material: 50% Outlast viscose, 50% cotton
  • Thread Count: 300 on white; 350 on other colors
  • Colors: Six colors
  • Maintenance: Machine-washable
  • Warranty:  30-days return policy; short 90-day warranty.
  • Special Features: Uses Outlast Technology; Free US shipping.

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