Can a Good Mattress Help with Back Pain?

When a person has back pain, a good mattress can help with that back pain. The restorative periods of sleep allow the body to relax, which can aid in the healing process. When sleeping on an old, tired mattress, the body isn’t relaxing, and it’s also being placed in a bad position, according to the National Institute of Health. This can cause more back issues than it alleviates. It can be tough to find a good mattress when you sleep with another too. You have to compromise with a style that works for both of you.

Keeps Spine Aligned

The way a person sleeps can have an impact on the spine. When sleeping on their side, the spine should be aligned with the entire body in contact with the mattress. In an old mattress that begins to sag, the springs are compressed. A good mattress will have springs that provide enough firmness to keep the spine perfectly aligned while sleeping. This alignment should happen whether the person sleeps on their side or their back, but the type of mattress as well as the firmness will vary.

Amount of Firmness

There’s some debate between chiropractors and doctors about whether you should buy a firm mattress or a medium-firm one. The choice is ultimately a personal one. Some people sleep better while on a firm mattress, because they’re back sleepers. Others like a medium firm, because they sleep on their sides. The firmness can come from the type of mattress you’ve had for years too. If you have always chosen a firm mattress, but always have back trouble, it might help to try out a medium-firm style instead.

Pressure Points

Relieving pain often comes down to relieving all the weight of the body coming down on the pressure points, which are the hips, knees and shoulders. The pressure points are not meant to hold all the weight of the body while sleeping. It’s always a good idea to have the weight distributed across the entire side or back depending on the type of sleeper the person is.

Replace Current Mattress

A good mattress can only last a certain amount of time. After five to seven years, a good mattress will start to sag and deteriorate. Most people keep their mattresses for too long. A mattress should be replaced when you start to feel a difference in your sleep. If you wake with an aching back, it’s likely a problem with the mattress, and means it should be replaced. Purchasing a good mattress will help alleviate much of the pain associated with sleeping.

Memory Foam Versus Spring Coils

While some people swear by spring coils, others love memory foam. It’s important to understand the differences in both types of mattresses before making a choice. The coil mattress has individually wrapped coils that provide the support for the mattress. The memory foam doesn’t have that support, but provides cushioning for the body and conforms to the person’s shape.

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A good mattress can help with back pain, but it often comes down to the way a person sleeps as well as their personal preferences. The mattress should be a moderately priced item that provides the right kind of support for your body specifically. While your partner might love a firm mattress, you might love medium firm. You’ll have to make compromises to find a style and firmness to suit you both.

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