Best Mattress Stores in Seattle, WA in 2023


A 2011 study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 92% of respondents consider a comfortable mattress essential to a good night’s sleep.

Whether that means an all-natural latex and organic wool mattress, a high-tech gel memory foam model or simply a basic, good quality mattress depends on your sleep style, comfort preferences and tastes. Of course, budget plays a big role in choosing the right mattress as well.

Fortunately, shoppers in the Emerald City have plenty of great options. There are mattress stores in Seattle specializing in alternative materials, hand-crafted models, and deeply-discounted closeouts.

If you’re wondering where to buy a mattress in Seattle, read on. We’ve combed the reviews on multiple sites to bring you the best mattress shops for every style and price point in every region of Seattle. Scope out our guide and you’ll be enjoying a restful night’s sleep in no time.

Mattress Stores in Central Seattle

There are a number of specialty mattress stores in central Seattle.

iSideSleep by Squire Sleep Systems

620 N 34th St Suite 219, Seattle, WA 98103 Phone: (206) 547-0447

Side sleepers who suffer from back pain on traditional mattresses can treat themselves to an unconventional, wedge-shaped mattress at iSideSleep by Squire Sleep Systems which is designed to conform to their preferred sleep position. Many side-sleeping customers swear by these innovative mattresses, saying that they relieve back pain and promote restful sleep.

Seattle Natural Mattress

4033 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 Phone: (206) 419-9550

Those looking to rid their bedrooms (and the planet) of questionable chemicals can visit Seattle Natural Mattress, which specializes in mattresses made from all-natural materials such as latex, organic cotton and wool.

Soaring Heart Natural Beds

101 Nickerson St #400, Seattle, WA 98109 Phone: (206) 282-1717

Another all-natural mattress store with an excellent reputation is Soaring Heart Natural Beds. This locally-owned mattress shop prides itself on the excellent quality of its all-organic materials, such as kapok, latex, wool and cotton, and handcrafts custom mattresses and beds. Shoppers are encouraged to book a free and private 1-2 hour “Comfort Consultation” to work closely with an in-store sleep expert on choosing the mattress which will provide them maximum comfort and health benefits, and perhaps take a snooze on their prospective purchase as well.

Mattress Stores in North Seattle

Friendly Foam Shop

12559 26th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125 Phone: (206) 971-6003

Those in the market for a custom foam bed, such as a camper, RV or child’s bed, can check out Friendly Foam Shop, a specialty store which specializes in custom orders and non-VOC foam.

Bedrooms & More

1310 N 131st St, Seattle, WA 98133 Phone: (206) 523-0061

Mattress Depot USA

823 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125 Phone: (206) 361-4561

More traditional options for mattress seekers on a budget include Bedrooms and More Outlet and Mattress Depot USA. Both of these family-owned mattress stores operate as no-frills warehouse-style shops, rather than fancy showrooms, but get stellar reviews for friendly staff and highly affordable mattresses.

Mattress Stores in South Seattle

The majority of mattress stores in Seattle are centered in the northern are of the city; shoppers in the south have a limited selection.

Mattress Firm

2600 SW Barton St Ste B9, Seattle, WA 98126 Phone: (206) 932-3617

One highly reliable option is the Mattress Firm in Westwood Village. Mattress Firm is the nation’s leading retail chain, and this mattress store scores consistently high reviews for its customer service. Customers say the sales associates are highly knowledgeable, and take the time to understand shopper’s needs and help them find sleep solutions without exerting any pressure. Mattress Firm stocks top name brands, and carries a wide variety of specialty products, such as hybrid mattresses, innerspring, gel memory foam, and adjustable beds, making it a popular destination for customers with sleep problems such as back pain and insomnia.

NW Furniture

9841 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106 Phone: (206) 243-2777

NW Furniture sells both furniture and mattresses, all at deep discounts, and customers report scoring deals on new mattresses of half off retail prices. As a liquidation center, NW Furniture carries a shifting inventory of closeout stock, so customers may find quite a variety of different products available at different times.

Sleepers In Seattle

4741 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 Phone: (206) 932-8500

Those in search of a sleeper sofa, on the other hand, can try Sleepers in Seattle, which stocks a variety of leather, fabric and sectional pull-out beds.

Mattress Stores in East Seattle

While the West side abounds in mattress shops, there are surprisingly few mattress stores in Seattle on the East side of the city.

Dixon’s Furniture

1915 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 Phone: (206) 323-0900

One of the only places to buy a mattress in the area is Dixon Used Furniture. The store takes a hip approach to resale, specializing in contemporary, mid-century modern, Victorian, and Scandinavian style furnishings, and emphasizing the environmental impact of buying previously-owned goods. Buyers here can score a highly affordable mattress, but would do well to check back frequently to find a model that suits them, as the inventory turns over rapidly.

Saver Furniture

6464 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #104, Seattle, WA 98118 Phone: (206) 721-0440

Another budget-friendly choice for mattresses and furniture in West Seattle is Saver Furniture (6464 Martin Luther King Jr Way S). This store carries new and affordable mattresses, including gel memory foam, pillow top and traditional foam mattresses, all at discounted prices. This location is temporarily closed and does not appear to have a website.

Mattress Stores in West Seattle

There are an abundance of places to buy a mattress in Seattle on the West side. Right by the water, you’ll find a half dozen mattress shops, including a number of specialty stores.

Tuft & Needle

2030 1st Ave #100, Seattle, WA 98121 Phone: (206) 635-7796

One such store with excellent ratings is Tuft and Needle. This store is stylish, luxurious and innovative. The light, sleek and airy showroom make this mattress store feel more like an art gallery, and customers love the shopping experience, which is facilitated by friendly sales associates. Tuft and Needle sells signature foam mattresses made with heat wicking graphite and cooling gel, surrounded by a breathable cover.

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