How to Find the Best Sales on Mattresses

Find your next mattress for pennies on the dollar by taking advantage of the best sales

It’s nighttime, you lie down in your bed, and after hours of tossing and turning, you have an epiphany: It’s time to purchase a new mattress. The very thought may give you nightmares, especially after you look at regularly priced mattresses, not sale prices. Given the importance of sleep, mattresses are an investment in your future health and wellbeing, but you don’t have to break the bank to change out your old mattress for a new one. 

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Selecting the best mattress for you and your partner can be a game-changer for your body and mind, propelling you into becoming your best self. Finding the best sales on mattresses can ease the pain of this purchase for both your mind and your wallet. 

So, how do you find the best sales on mattresses? Like most things in life, it’s a combination of timing and preparation. We are going to break down all the factors that will help you find the best sales on the mattress of your dreams!

Timing of mattress sales

One of the most straightforward ways to find the best sales on mattresses is waiting for times of the year in which mattress companies offer killer deals. Mattress companies know that people are more willing to spend money during the holidays and take advantage of these tendencies by providing sales. After all, it’s better to sell a product at a slightly lower cost than have it sitting on the showroom floor or in a warehouse.

Some of the best holidays for mattress sales include: 

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Presidents Day

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for stellar deals, so it comes as no surprise that mattresses are no exception. The problem, at least with Black Friday, is that you may have to fight the crowds, waking in the early hours of the morning to be one of the first in line. Cyber Monday often eliminates the crowded hassle with more and more mattresses being sold online and shipped directly to your door. This option may be one of the best. 

Presidents Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day

You can often find good deals on mattresses on Presidents Day. Mattress retailers want to move the previous year’s inventory to make room for new models, which brings us to the month of May. Many companies roll out their new mattress lines onto the showroom floors of their brick-and-mortar stores in May. What does this mean for you? It means that May is an excellent time to search for sales on the previous year’s mattress models at your local mattress store. 

Since the Fourth of July is so close to May, mattress companies often put out advertisements for sales on this holiday, making it worth your while to take a moment from setting off your fireworks to browse mattress deals. From the beginning of July to the end of September, mattress companies want to sell both their new mattress models and get rid of the old, so you may find sporadic deals on mattresses from local retailers. Labor Day is often the last big push before Black Friday and Cyber Monday; if you need a mattress around this time of year and are unable to wait until the end of November, check for Labor Day mattress sales. 

Can’t wait until a holiday for the best sales on mattresses? 

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Being able to wait until a major holiday for rock-bottom prices on mattresses is nice and all, but what about when you need a mattress ASAP? You may feel like you are in a bind, having to choose between finding your ideal mattress or saving money by selecting a bed on sale that may not be right for you. Don’t panic just yet, because there are ways to find sales and deals at other times than major holidays. 

Some ways you can get the best sales and deals include: 

  • Online vs. physical mattress stores
  • Overstock sales
  • Store closings
  • Coupons

For good or bad, the days of having to schedule blocks of time to visit brick-and-mortar stores to select your new mattress are gone. A survey conducted by the International Sleep Product Association estimated that nearly half (45%) of all mattresses purchased last year were purchased online. This figure may give you pause if you’re not in the sleep industry, but it’s unsurprising to those that have been present for the bed-in-a-box explosion over the past few years. 

Online mattresses

It is now possible for mattresses to be manufactured and compressed into a small box and delivered directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is drag the box into your bedroom, puncture the vacuum packing, and watch as your mattress expands to its intended dimensions. Some companies even offer a white-glove service and set up the new mattress and remove your old one for you. 

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Sounds great, but what does this mean for you? Mattress manufacturers can now offer you substantial cost savings on quality mattresses by cutting out the middleman. Physical mattress retail stores frequently mark up their beds to cover the cost of their employees, building, and other costs associated with doing business. Purchasing your mattress online eliminates some of these costs. 

Brick-and-mortar mattress stores

Maybe you want to know exactly what you are purchasing or just like the feeling of going into a store to select the perfect mattress. If this sounds like you, going to your local physical mattress store may be the best option. You may want to visit a mattress store even if you plan on purchasing your mattress online to make sure you are selecting the best high-quality comfortable mattress. Many mattress manufacturers allow you to buy their products at a physical location as well as online, so cruise into your local store and give your future mattress a try before taking the plunge.  

It’s worth considering that sometimes you can find the best deals at a physical mattress store. While many online mattresses incorporate the shipping cost into the price, some do not, tacking on another $100 or more onto the final price. Additionally, brick-and-mortar mattress stores want your business, so don’t be afraid to ask for free delivery and removal of your old mattress as part of the deal. The worst they can say is no. 

Overstock sales

You have probably heard about companies that specialize in selling name brand products at steep discounts. The basic idea behind overstock stores that offer products at hundreds of dollars in discounts is that the manufacturer produced too much and either does not have room for the product in their warehouses or needs to get rid of the stock to make room for their new models. Their problem is your huge mattress saving!

There are two ways to find overstock deals: You can search for an overstock mattress company online or near you, or you can go to your local mattress retailer and inquire if they have overstock models available. Typically your local mattress retailer won’t have a lot of overstocks, but it is worth asking. When you visit an overstock mattress retailer, you can expect to find mattresses discounted 20-30% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. It is also possible to find additional savings if the store is running a sale.

Store closings 

Every once in a while, the stars align, and you come across a closing store with exactly what you need at rock bottom prices. If you need a mattress and hear about a mattress retailer closing their store, take advantage of the timing to save hundreds of dollars on your new bed. Even if you don’t currently need one, it may be worth your time and effort to purchase a mattress during a store closing and store it for when you do need it. 

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When stores close, they cut the prices of their merchandise to rock bottom prices. If you think you are the only one looking to save on their mattress, you’re likely in for a big surprise. Don’t be left wishing you took the time to check out the store yesterday, watching as the last huge mattress deal is carried out the door by another customer. Get there early!

Other ways to save

While big flashing S-A-L-E letters are an obvious way to save on mattresses, there are other ways you may not have given a lot of thought. Let’s be honest, mattresses can be expensive, and finding any way to cut down on the price of a new mattress means more money to spend on other things. 

The bed set deal

There is a way to save on a new mattress that many people don’t think about. Some companies draw people into their stores or sites by offering a free mattress with the purchase of a bed frame, side tables, and a dresser. We know that this deal isn’t for everyone, and it’s possible to spend more on the bedroom furniture to get this deal than you would merely purchasing a new mattress. But, for those that need a complete bedroom set, this may be just what you are looking for.

The downside to this deal is two-fold: First, you have to purchase other furniture, though retailers frequently give you many choices. Secondly, the mattress that is included in these deals is commonly available in only one model, which may not be the ideal mattress for some types of sleepers. Additionally, when you pursue this type of sale, ensure that the bed retains its full warranty and that there is a transparent process for dealing with problems if they occur. 

The mattress plus gift option

This tactic is another marketing trick mattress companies use, but who cares as long as you also need the extra gift option. The idea behind this sale is to include another item, such as a boxspring or television with the purchase of a mattress. Approach this option with an open mind. Companies can still offer on-sale mattresses while throwing in an additional item. If you need a mattress and a box spring for your bed frame, this option may be the way to save the most money. 

Groupon and other related sites

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This option may sound strange, but you never know what you can come across on Groupon and other similar sites. Many business owners use Groupon and related sites to give amazing first-time deals with the hope that these deals will draw in reliable, stable customers in the future. Why would a company offer a heavily discounted mattress, a typically expensive item? Possibly with the hopes of pulling you into their stores to purchase other furniture you may need in the future. 


Believe it or not, but auctions may be where you get the best deals on mattresses. Whether it’s in person or on an online site like eBay, you may walk away with a bed for pennies on the dollar. It’s always a risk for sellers to put their products in an auction, as there is no guarantee that they will get the price their product is worth. If you have local auctions near where you live, it may be worth your time to go and inquire if they have any new mattresses. Sometimes local mattress and furniture stores get rid of excess inventory through their local auctions. You could get a new bed for lower than you’d be able to find anywhere else.