Best Mattress Stores in Tulsa, OK in 2023

What if there was a pill that could make you loose weight, do better at work, have lower stress, boost athletic performance, help you fight off colds and illness, and slash your risk of major health problems like diabetes and cardiac disease? And what if it could be yours for less than $1 per day?

Regular, good-quality sleep has been proved to provide all the above health benefits, and more. And studies from the Sleep Council have shown that a new mattress makes sleep feel more restful and restorative.

A great-quality queen sized mattress typically costs around $2,000, depending on the style and materials used to construct it, and can last from 7-10 years. That’s just a few cents per day, averaged out over the lifespan of the mattress.

If you’re ready to invest in your health and well-being with a new mattress, you’re in luck. There are plenty of great places to buy a mattress in Tulsa, from basic, affordable mattresses, to closeout bargains, from eco-friendly models to specialty luxury bedding systems.

Our guide to the Best Places to Buy a Mattress in Tulsa has the best off the best, all sorted by geographic area, making it easy to find a great option near you.

Mattress Stores in Central Tulsa

You won’t have to head to the outskirts of the city to find a great new mattress.

Denver Mattress

1750 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74112 Phone: (918) 836-8891

Right in the heart of Tulsa, there are several excellent mattress shops. Denver Mattress Company is a popular and trusted national chain, and this location has earned the love of locals, with a 4.8 star Google rating based on 32 reviews. This Denver-based brand was founded in 1995 and carries name brand mattresses, along with their best-seller, “Doctor’s Choice,” the company’s own, in-house line of high quality, affordable mattresses. Denver Mattress Company makes a contribution to charity with every mattress purchase.

Mattress Stores in North Tulsa

M & M Mattress Manufacturing

717 N Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74115 Phone: (918) 834-2033

Those in the market for a custom mattress can’t do better than M&M Mattress Manufacturing. Customers can consult with the staff on their specifications and get a customized mattress made for their home, RV, semi truck sleeper, or antique bed. Each has an excellent factory warranty, and is actually priced less than a prefabricated showroom mattress, thanks to factory-dirt pricing.

Mattress Stores in South Tulsa

Mattress World

2909 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74129 Phone: (918) 835-4770

Mattress World Tulsa is a popular destination for economical mattresses and furniture. This regional, family-owned chain of discount Furniture & Mattresses stores store stocks affordable mattresses made by King Koil, Simmons, and Corsicana.

Mattress Stores in East Tulsa

Happy Mattress

7850 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115 Phone: (918) 794-3010

Customers looking for rock-bottom prices can also check out Happy Mattress. This no-frills setting carries new and refurbished mattresses at very affordable prices, some as low as $59. Happy Mattress even sells used mattresses, which have been thoroughly cleaned and treated with Steri-Fab.

Mattress Stores in West Tulsa

Mattress Firm

5125 E 41st St, Tulsa, OK 74135 Phone: (918) 770-9192

1881 S Yale Ave B, Tulsa, OK 74112 Phone: (918) 991-7020

Mattress Firm has two locations in West Tulsa: Mattress Firm Promenade, located in the Southroads Shopping Center, and Mattress Firm 21st and Yale. Mattress Firm is the nation’s most popular mattress retail chain, and stocks reputable brands like Sealy, Sterns and Foster, Tempur-Pedic and BeautyRest, along with specialty itms like cooling gel mattresses, hybrid mattresses, dual-sided models, adjustable bases, and mattresses with built-in sleep monitoring. Both locations in West Tulsa have earned an average of 4.8 stars with local reviewers, who praise the shops for wide selection and patient, knowledgeable staff.

Good luck shopping for the best mattress you can find in Tulsa!

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