Best Mattress Stores in Montana in 2023

Are you looking to purchase a mattress in Montana? The process doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, more so that ever, it’s a great time to buy a mattress. Why? Because there is more competition than ever before, meaning the power is in your hands.

With the competition rising and the industry booming, mattress stores need to earn your business. The good companies do it when selling quality products for affordable prices, providing great customer service, and facilitating a delivery experience that is convenient and quick.

We looked through the state of Montana for the top ranked mattress stores. Then, we organized our review by region to help with convenience. Here’s what we found for the best mattress stores in the state of Montana.

Mattress Stores in Billings, Montana

Ever wonder Where can I find a mattress store near Billings, Montana? You are in luck. There are a number of great options in Billings. We looked through all of the top-ranked mattress shops and only reviewed the locations that provided a good range of products, quality customer service, and competitive prices.

Mattress King

795 King Park Dr. Billings, MT 59102 Phone (406) 248-7223

Our first pick for Billings is Mattress King. Mattress King seems to have the whole package- great knowledgeable staff, a wide selection of mattresses, and affordable prices. The sales team create a no-pressure atmosphere, and are extremely knowledgeable about what is on the sales floor. You’re likely to leave to a mattress that fits your personal needs as well as your budget. The whole process is quick and efficient from the moment you walk in the door all the way to the delivery of your mattress.

Mattress Firm

2425 King Ave W Unit A, Billings, MT 59102 Phone (406) 702-1556

If you are shopping on a tight budget, you may want to give a try. The company offers quality name brand mattresses for a large discount and the sales team are friendly, and work hard to find you exactly what you need.

Denver Mattress

8108 S Frontage Rd, Billings, MT 59106 (406) 656-5822

Denver Mattress Company- a part of Furniture Row offers a great range of mattresses including foam, Doctor’s Choice, pillow top, cushion firm, custom builds and more. This company even makes mattresses and bedding with Earth-friendly materials. The staff at this location truly understand their products and are easy to work with.

Keating Furniture and Mattress

950 S 29th St W, Billings, MT 59102 Phone (406) 281-8000

Our final pick for Billings is Keating Furniture and Mattress which is a great place to head if you like to do all of your shopping in one place. The company offers some of the top name-brand mattresses, beds, and other furnishings for your home.

Mattress Stores in Great Falls, Montana

If you are looking to purchase a mattress near Great Falls, Montana, you have come to the right spot. We spent some time examining the top-ranked mattress stores in your area and found a number of locations that provided great products, and an easy-going knowledgeable sales team. We also looked for locations that offered convenient delivery, and trustworthy return policies. Here’s what we came up with.

Denver Mattress

1501 Market Pl Dr, Great Falls, MT 59404 Phone (406) 453-0111

Denver Mattress is a great mattress company that offers a huge range of styles of mattresses. We really like this location for the incredible staff- that make or break any sale of this magnitude. However, not all of their name-brand mattresses are bank breakers. In fact you can find high-quality mattresses for less than $800. We recommend signing up and checking their site regularly for ongoing sales, and one-time fire sales. That being said, Denver Mattress offers competitive pricing year round.

Mattress Firm

1001 10th Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59405 Phone (406) 315-3072

Our next pick for Great Falls is actually the competition- Mattress Firm Great Falls. It’s nice to have a solid competitor close by for price matching etc. This location has a friendly sales team that make it feel much more like you’re shopping in a small business over a big chain. As with all Mattress Firm locations, the one in Great Falls does carry over 50 different types of mattresses, offers a 120 good night’s sleep guarantee, and provides convenient delivery. We think it would be smart to get some better information on what exactly a 120 good night’s sleep guarantee is- is it a full refund? Is this just an exchange? That being said, the team are friendly and helpful and will even accept military discounts.

Mattress Stores in Missoula, Montana

Are you wondering where to purchase a Mattress in Missoula, Montana? You are in luck! There are a number of mattress stores in Missoula that offer something for everyone.

Mattress Firm

2995 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808 Phone (406) 926-1138

Sometimes predictability puts people at ease which is why we say there is no harm in at least giving Mattress Firm Missoula a try. In fact, this location has a terrific sales team, and offers holiday discounts and year-round price matching. There’s also a ton to choose from. So, if you’re not exactly sure what you want next in a mattress, this may be the route to go.

Wallaroo’s Furniture and Mattresses

2230 N Reserve St #400, Missoula, MT 59801 Phone (406) 926-3444

Sometimes people equate shopping local with paying more. That is not the case at Wallaroo’s Furniture and Mattresses where you will find great products for incredibly huge discounts. Head here if you are shopping on a tight budget- and then again, who isn’t?

You can also check out mattresses online at some of our favorite stores: