Best Places to Buy a Mattress Near Minneapolis, Minnesota

Are you shopping for a new mattress near Minneapolis, Minnesota? Check out our guide below to help you find the best stores to shop.

Where to Buy a New Mattress in Minneapolis, MN

You spend a full third of your life in bed. Hours logged in bed may be some of the best in your day, whether curling up with a partner, reading a good book, snuggling with kids or pets, or stretching out to watch a movie. Most people look forward to the chance to unwind under the covers, and consider their bed the most cozy and relaxing place in their home. The hours you spend in bed are also crucial to your health. Sleep is the body’s time to consolidate new memories, recover from exercise and injury, and restore the metabolic and immune systems. Your bed plays a key role in your mental and physical health, and having a fresh, comfortable, and supportive mattress is essential to quality of life. Are you due for an upgrade or replacement? If you’re experiencing fatigue, stress, insomnia, back pain, weight gain, and reduced immunity, your worn-out mattress may be to blame. An old mattress can even trigger allergies and asthma, thanks to a buildup of dust mite debris and dead skin cells, which, over the course of 10 years, can actually double the weight of a mattress. In fact, experts say that most mattresses need to be replaced after about 8 years, or as soon as sagging or support loss occur. Fortunately, if you’re a resident of Minneapolis, you won’t have to look far to find a great place to buy a mattress. The city has a wealth of great mattress stores, from independent mom-and-pop mattress shops to national retail chains, and with everything from luxury to natural to discount products. Our guide to the Best places to Buy a Mattress in Minneapolis, Minnesota has a selection of the city’s most popular and well-reviewed mattress stores, all broken down by neighborhood. Read up on your neighborhood’s options, and you’re sure to find a great place to buy a mattress right in your area of Minneapolis.

Mattress Stores in Central Minneapolis

Right near the center of the city, mattress seekers can score a deal on a new futon or mattress at Sleep Concepts Mattress and Futon Factory
(2516 Lyndale Ave S). This mom-and-pop mattress shop has been in business for 22 years and stocks traditional innerspring, gel, memory foam and latex models at factory-direct prices. An alternative to a traditional mattress, Depth of Field Futons (405 Cedar Ave S) sells high quality futon frames and mattresses, along with murphy beds and platform beds. Customers give this versatile alternative mattress shop an average 4.8 star rating. A bit to the north, shoppers can visit The Bedding Group (752 30th Ave SE), a fourth-generation family owned and operated company with their factory based right in Minneapolis. The company has been in business since 1919, and has earned an impressive 4.8 star rating on Yelp. The Bedding Group specializes in premium brands like Hummingbird, Kairos, Motu Sleep, Natural Sensations, and Therapedic.

Mattress Stores in North Minneapolis

In the Near North neighborhood, Affordable Mattress Inc (901 W Broadway Ave) is an excellent choice for mattress seekers on a tight budget. This independent store wholesales both new and remanufactured mattress sets. The rock-bottom prices at Affordable Mattress inc are a low as $100 for a basic Queen sized mattress and $125 for a basic king, and the shop sells low-priced box springs as well. Just north of the downtown area, at International Market Square, Natural Bed + Home (

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