What Makes a Good Mattress?

For those considering buying a new mattress, the question always comes up: “What makes a good mattress?” As a consumer, there are any number of factors that you may uniquely and individually consider in determining which mattress is the very best for you. However different or similar we all may be in this regard, there are a number of factors that most commonly use in order to gauge the ultimate quality of a mattress. So, what exactly makes a good mattress? High scores in the following areas probably mean that your potential bed purchase is going to be a good one.


Some mattress manufacturers do not include a warranty with purchase. Good mattresses, on the other hand, are typically backed wholeheartedly by the manufacturer. Warranties on mattresses usually cover sagging, failing supports, and other materials issues.

Risk-Free Trial Period

Another great perk usually provided by the best mattresses is the risk-free trial. These trials may vary from one maker to the next, but the premise is simple. By being able to test the mattress at home for a period of time, you are assured of making the right choice in such an important purchase.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another valuable way with which one can gauge the quality of a mattress purchase. Not all customers will be satisfied with any one product, but when the great majority seems to be highly satisfied, this is a sign of a good mattress. Do remember to consider the sources of your reviews, however. Community selling websites such as Amazon or eBay can often provide a reliable group consensus.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is defined as the creation and maintenance of “conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, and that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.” If this is an important value to you, there are many beds which are openly manufactured in sustainable fashion. Manufacturers who operate with sustainability typically advertise this valuable perk quite openly.

Chemical Composition

Another part of the mattress purchase that many don’t consider is the chemical composition of their new mattress. Aside from sustainability, we’re talking about the use of potentially harmful or cancer-causing materials in many mattresses today. Such chemicals are often included for flame-retardation purposes in case of fire. Do your homework ahead of time if this is a concern.

Position-Specific Comfort

When it comes to a custom choice in mattresses, many shop based on the position-specific support offerings of a mattress. Many mattresses are, in fact, specifically designed for particular sleep positions. Side-sleepers, stomach-sleepers, and back-sleepers alike can all find just the right supportive design for their particular aligns.

Perfect Total Package

Achieving that position-specific comfort you need is certainly one important part of the custom sleep experience. However, there are many other factors that, when combined, can come together to form the perfect bed for you. To name just a few, there are individually-wrapped coils, hybrid materials, heat and cooling dissipation materials, support layers, adjustable supports, and much more. There are also literally hundreds of makes and models out there to choose from. Don’t be satisfied until you find just the right combination of modern mattress attributes.

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Sleep is one of the most important things we do. By getting the best sleep, we assure ourselves of a fully recharged battery and a maximum healing and resting experience for our physical body. The above-mentioned attributes are some that can really help you choose the perfect sleep experience for you, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

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