Best Mattress Stores in Vermont

Whether it’s a long day of skiing, working, or study, you need to get a deep night’s sleep in the Green Mountain State. Vermonters work hard and play hard, and now sleep hard. The mattress industry has expanded into most every nook and cranny. That means that the demand for more mattress shops has dropped and the power is back in the buyer’s hands. Yes! No more mattress-buying nightmares. Still, it does still take a little research and savvy to find the best prices. That’s where we can help. We surveyed the top-ranked mattress stores in the most populated parts of Vermont and only reviewed locations that offered quality mattresses and fantastic customer service. We looked for other conveniences as well like: return policies and same-day or next-day delivery. Not all mattress shops can offers those- particularly if you’re purchasing something that is custom-built, but many do! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, luckily Vermont is relatively small, so you should be able to find something a short distance away in a neighboring town (or state). Here’s our picks for the best mattress stores in Vermont.

Best Mattress Stores in Burlington

If you are trying to find a mattress store in Burlington, you are in luck. As the largest city in the state, there’s a number of options. We looked through all of the top-ranked mattress shops in Burlington and selected locations that offer great products provided with stellar customer service. Here are our top picks for mattress stores in Burlington. Our first pick is Vermont Mattress Depot (21 Adams Dr.) where you’ll find a number of fantastic mattresses for low prices. The company is locally-owned and has decades of combined experience at their fingertips. We like the other conveniences as well- most notably timely and convenient delivery. If you are looking for a quality affordable mattress, certainly check out Vermont Mattress Depot. Partnered with Burlington Furniture is Burlington Mattress (747 Pine St.) which became a stand alone mattress store in 2016- though, first established in 1984. The company sells a number of quality name brand mattresses including mattresses for futons, and all natural chemical-free mattresses. We like this option as there are a wide-range of products for every need. Our final pick is near Burlington in Essex Junction, Vermont- Mattress By Appointment (58B Pearl St.) where you’ll find the space you need to wrap your head around the somewhat dizzying world of mattress-buying. We like Mattress by Appointment for individuals who want to take the pressure off, and would like more time and personalized advice when purchasing a new mattress.

Best Mattress Stores in Montpelier

Are you wondering Where can I purchase a mattress near Montpelier, Vermont? You are not alone. You have to drive a short distance for a mattress store, but we think it will be worth it. Our first pick for the area is not too far away Barre, Vermont at Mattress Firm Berlin (1400 US-302) where you’ll find a wide selection of mattresses from a kind and honest sales team. We like the prices too, and as always with Mattress Firm you will get a 120 good night’s sleep guarantee as well as convenient same day or next day delivery. Also in Berlin is Mattress Land (97 US Route 302) where you’ll find premium mattresses from a quality team. If you are experiencing back pains or simply need to upgrade your mattress, talk with the professionals as this location. They understand the products, and will never hassle you to purchase. The company also offers next-day delivery. Novello Home Furnishings (1021 US 302) is the place to head if you are looking to purchase a mattress and more. The company offers foam, hybrid, pillow top mattresses and more. You can even find adjustable beds, accessories, beds, and other furnishings. The prices are high value- meaning you are paying a good price for the high quality of craftsmanship.

Best Mattress Stores in Brattleboro

If you are looking to purchase a mattress near Brattleboro, then you’re in the right place. We found a few locations in or near Brattleboro, Vermont. Our first pick is Mattress Firm Brattleboro (766 Putney Rd.) One of the perks with shopping at a large chain is haggling. The company offers price-matching so do your research and quote prices from other companies or online. As always you’ll have over 50 mattresses from which to choose and receive a 120 good night’s sleep guarantee. This location has a fantastic sales team. She is friendly, and knowledgeable and won’t push you to make a purchase outside of your comfort zone. Mattress Firm often offers same-day or next-day delivery. If you don’t want to shop at a chain, you’ll have to leave the state. Luckily for those living in Brattleboro that’s not exactly hard. Head to Plotkin Furniture (93 Park Ave Keen, NH) where you’ll find a nearly 100-year-old furniture store that offers finely crafted American made furniture and a handful of premium mattresses. The shopkeeper is delightful and very knowledgeable. This may be where to head if you’re looking to upgrade your entire home. The downside is that this is not a great option for individuals shopping on a budget. That being said, this is a family-owned and operated business and the team do work hard to find the best prices available. Vermont Woods Studios is also near Brattleboro in Veron, Vermont (538 Huckle Hill Rd.) where you’ll find simply chic furnishings and sustainably harvested hypo-allergenic mattresses. The fibers are all natural and organic. If you are tired of breathing in harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, head here.

We hope that you find a great mattress using our overview of the best mattress stores in Vermont.

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