The Top 10 Free Trial Mattress Deals in 2023

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Free trial mattresses are real and legit. This strategy has been going on for a few years now, even before the pandemic hit. This is an idea hatched by startup online mattress companies.

The idea is simple if they cannot get your feet at the door because they do not have a physical store, they will find a way to get that bed-in-a-box in your home.

And that’s how the trial mattress programs began. Besides, what is the point of testing out a mattress in-store if you can only lie on these for a few minutes? The true test is in the comfort of your own home, during a night’s sleep, and see if you feel better or worse upon waking in the morning.

But trial programs are not exactly free. You would still have to pay the price of the mattress of your choice. But you are entitled to a refund, usually a full refund, especially if you live in mainland U.S., because most of these brands do not charge for both shipping and pick-ups, which is all part of the marketing strategy.

So, yes, they are real, and it is a way, a legitimate way, to attract more buyers. Many have good experiences with trial mattresses, having returned the mattresses for a full refund. After which, they are back on the market again, searching for a new mattress to try. 

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Notice that we used the word “listing” instead of “ranking” because we want you to keep scrolling through the list and weigh in all factors in making a decision. And while we could have ranked the mattress deals in reverse so you would keep scrolling till the end, we believe that the metrics on which we based the listing are equally important when choosing the best trial mattress deal.

So, what metrics are these. anyway?

  • Length of Trial – This is, of course, a highlight metric in choosing any product you consider trying. The trial length varies from 100 nights to as much as 548 nights (or a year and a half) for trial mattresses. Though it is tempting to include all brands with the longest trial periods, we also must consider other factors. Don’t worry, though, because this list is a good mix of 100-night and one-year trial periods and some in between. 
  • Buyer Reviews – For this, we had to scour the net, within and beyond the brand’s website, to check legitimate reviews and comments from real buyers. Buyer reviews can be found on the product website. You just have to dig deep sometimes. They would not flash that one or two-star review on the home page. All you would see are the rave reviews upfront, but if you look up or scroll further down, you will be able to find all of the reviews, whether good or bad. We also searched for review posts from various social media sites while weeding out the sponsored ones. So, those with “#sponsored,” or Instagram posts with a “paid partnership” tag or any post that seems like affiliate marketing content were excluded in this criterium. Reviews reveal everything we need to know about the brand’s fine print posts – from the user experience of the product itself, to the speed of the shipping as well as the ease of returning.
  • Warranty – Should you decide to keep the mattress, you should also consider the warranty policy. Consider the warranty policy even before taking on the trial mattress. Warranty ranges from as short as ten years to a lifetime warranty. When evaluating warranty policies, it is important to read the fine print. What is considered as normal “wear and tear”? Each brand has a different clause on what type and extent of damage the warranty covers, so make sure you read through. 
  • Return PolicyHow soon can you call in for a return? Do you have to wait for the end of the trial period? Does the trial program offer a break-in period or the minimum number of days when you can return the mattress? Does the brand offer free pick-up service or at cost? Do they offer the service in the first place, anyway? What if you live in Hawaii or Alaska and would like to return your mattress? Do you pay an extra cost for shipping fees? Is there a restocking fee? 

Most brands donate the used mattresses to charities like the Salvation Army. Do they organize the pick-up for such, or do you have to do this yourself?

A good return policy should be seamless for the buyers. It should only entail a single phone call and or an email to get the process rolling. Repetitive emails and phone calls because of unresponsiveness spell bad news for the brand.

A full refund is a big plus, of course, but if you have to shoulder the shipping fee for the return and you live in the continental U.S.A, that might be worth having second thoughts on. Why? Most brands have hubs in various parts of the mainland, so shipping fee coverage should not be a problem. Unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you will not be asked for additional handling fees.

  • Mattress Price and Inclusions – How much is an acceptable price for a trial mattress? What if you do not get your money back, which can happen? Will you be willing to shed that amount of money for the possibility that you might get stuck with the mattress if you cannot return it?

    Some brands include peripherals like a pillow or two, a blanket, and a mattress protector, all for free. Sometimes, only one of these is included. Sometimes, it is just the mattress. But this subtle detail here may be the tiebreaker when you are stuck between two or three trial mattress brands that are toe-toe in features and deal perks. 

This Year’s Best Free Trial Mattress Deals


Free Trial Mattress Deals 1

Nectar is one of the more affordable mattresses on the market today. Nectar mattresses are made up of five layers that add up to twelve inches of the total thickness.

The top two layers facilitate breathability, while the three bottom layers facilitate support, minimizing motion transfer and stability on a bedframe, resulting in a 6.5 firmness which many users love.

The Trial Deal:

  • Nectar’s trial deal is one of the longest in the mattress industry, at 365 days or one whole year. You may email or call 1-888-425-4854 to arrange a pick-up schedule for free and coordinate the drop-off to a charity if you want to return it. Additional charges apply if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • The refund will be in the same form as your payment method when you placed the order. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty (“Forever Warranty”), which covers mattress replacement for the usage of 10 years or less and repairs for more than ten years of usage. The warranty covers normal wear and tear, including dents or impressions at least 1.5 inches or deeper.


  • As of writing, Nectar mattresses come with the following free inclusions: two pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector. Do check on their website often, as this particular perk may change without prior notice.

Buyer Reviews:

On Amazon, Nectar garnered more than 70% rave reviews. The most common positive feedback is the great back and lumbar support, thanks to its 6.5 firmness and thickness. Positive reviews are also aplenty on the Nectar website itself, and their customer support responds on almost every review, and it is not the standard response (not all the time, at least).

On the other hand, most negative reviews had to do with the initial smell from the product once it was unboxed, with some users reporting that the smell never really went away. Some users were also not too happy with the less-than-advertised thickness and the uneven thickness and form after unboxing, which for some units, also did not correct itself, just like with the odor.


917OJ63DPxL. AC SL1500

Casper remains a popular choice among experienced mattress buyers. On Amazon alone, Casper has twice the number of purchases for its Element line versus other newer brands like Nectar.

Casper mattresses boast of their so-called “4D technology,” which combines “gel pods” for better back and lumbar support and alignment, temperature control, excellent tactile comfort, and support consistency.

This 4D technology is available across various Casper mattress models: the Element line, their most affordable line, the Original all-foam line, and their hybrid line, which combines gel foam with springs. The Casper hybrid line is divided into the Wave Hybrid, which has a wavy top layer to better conform to bodily and spinal curves for maximum orthopedic support, and the Nova Hybrid for more ergonomic comfort and support.

The Trial Deal:

  • First of all, Casper mattresses marked “clearance” or “final sale” are not included in the trial deal. The trial period is 100 nights. A 30-night break-in period, or what the brand calls “Adjustment Period,” is in place, which is the minimum number of nights before a return action can be called in.
  • Those who wish to return the trial mattresses can email, and Casper will arrange a pick-up schedule and the drop-off to charity after that, all free of charge, whether you live in mainland U.S. or Canada (excluding U.S. territories).
  • Refunds will be in the form of payment used during order placement. All mattresses come with a limited warranty of ten years, covering manufacturing defects and physical flaws such as dents or impressions one inch or deeper. 

Buyer Reviews:

Reviews are mostly positive for the mattress’ firmness and its great orthopedic support. The Element line, Casper’s Econo-option, was also a plus for many buyers. Many of those who left five or four-star reviews are previous and loyal Casper users who swapped their old mattresses with new Casper models. Those who have left negative reviews, and a few of them, about 3%, have common complaints such as the smell and the inconsistency of thickness.

One common piece of advice one can use from these reviews is to order the mattress directly on the Casper website and not on third-party sites like Amazon to take full advantage of the return policy, should you need it.


Free Trial Mattress Deals 3

Ecosa is an Australian mattress brand that also offers free shipping all across the U.S. The major draw for Ecosa mattresses is the “adjustable” firmness and the microfilament-containing mattress cover that repels water, dust, and mites. 

The mattress is composed of three types of memory foam that vary in thickness and hence, firmness. They are interchangeable and, thus, “adjustable.” By swapping each layer, users can decide on the thickness and firmness, and body needs.

The Trial Deal:

Ecosa offers 100 nights to try out their mattress risk-free, with free shipping and pick-up. The warranty is for 15 years. For returns, email and include your original receipt. Ecosa will arrange the pick-up. The recipient charity group will be picking the mattress up from your home. You will receive a full refund.

Buyer Reviews:

Based on reviews on the Ecosa website, 82% rave reviews on the mattress (five-star reviews). Aside from comfort, many buyers rave about the responsiveness of the customer support team. On the other hand, a few felt that the mattress was way too firm for their taste. However, there was no mention if they adjusted or swapped the foam layers to address this.


81zkMk2S0xL. AC SL1500

Dreamcloud is also one of the few brands on this list that offers a year-long trial deal on their mattresses. Their mattresses are 14-inch hybrid types – a combination of two memory foam layers for comfort with coil springs for support, resulting in a 6.5 firmness.

The top layer is cashmere for an elegant feel, while the bottom layer is solid foam for the rigidity and stability of the foundation.

The Trial Deal:

  • As mentioned, Dreamcloud lets its users try on their hybrid mattresses for 180 days. There is no risk as shipping and pick-up are free (except for Alaska and Hawaii, where additional charges apply). This mattress is great for any type of sleeper.
  • For returns, you may hop on their website for the live chat function or call +1 (855) 964-0968. Dreamcloud also offers a “Lifetime Warranty,” which covers replacement or repair, depending on the length of usage.

Buyer Reviews:

On the Dreamcloud website, a whopping 94% of buyers have posted either five or four-star reviews. Most have raved about the mattress’ comfort and spinal support, as well as the luxurious feel of the cashmere. Others have also raved about the speedy processing and delivery.

Only 9 out of the 5236 reviews posted on the site were disappointed with the product. Most negative comments were subjective. Either the mattress was too soft or too firm for them. Nothing was said or written about indoor emissions or odor upon unboxing, which is a good thing.


TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US, 100-Night Trial

Tuft & Needle offers three types of mattresses using their proprietary “Adaptive Foam” technology, which they claim is different from typical memory foam. Each type of mattress does not only differ in layering composition, thus, the bodily support it provides but also in temperature regulation. 

The T&N Original line is a ten-inch mattress made almost entirely of foam. The Mint Mattress is a twelve-inch mattress. It has additional two inches devoted to a denser cooling gel with ceramic for temperature regulation.

The Hybrid Mattress is a twelve-inch mattress. Instead of the seven-inch foundational foam, it has nano pocket springs or compact fine springs, six inches high. It has additional nano springs that are one-inch thick right below the Adaptive Foam for better body and motion support. Thus, it is the firmest and also the coolest of all three T&N lines.

The Trial Deal:

  • For 100 nights, buyers can try any T&N mattress type risk-free. Shipping to and from (once returned) will be covered, except if you live in Alaska and Hawaii, where additional charges may apply, thus resulting in a partial refund. Otherwise, mainland U.S. returners get a full refund. A limited warranty of ten years also applies from the date of purchase.

Buyer Reviews:

T&N gets rave reviews from users on Amazon and the T&N website. Most buyers, who are long-time users of T&N and have swapped their old ones for new ones of the same brand, rave about the comfort and price. Many buyers find the firmness favorable for their aching backs.

On the other hand, negative comments on T&N are a combination of subjective preferences (“it’s too soft for my taste,” “it’s too hard for my taste,” etc.) or that the inconsistencies and defects start to appear around the first year of use, or poor customer service. Of course, as always, these negative comments are just a very small slice of the review pile. 


910lYgO+YWL. AC SL1500

Tempur-Pedic may be the priciest among the brands on this list, but it is also probably the only brand backed by space technology engineering. Popular Mechanics even hailed it as the Best Overall Mattress for 2021.

All its mattress lines use its proprietary foam, Tempur, which can isolate motion through pressure absorption. What this means in layman speak is tossing and turning is isolated on one area only, without transferring any of the motion to the other person lying on the bed. The Tempur technology also prevents you from sinking while sleeping.  It also regulates temperature based on the surrounding environment and the user. 

Tag prices for these Tempur-Pedic mattresses are affordable; although higher-priced than some. The brand’s best-selling line is the Tempur-ProAdapt, which comes in four different levels of firmness and is known as the best line for relieving pressure.

The Trial Deal:

This brand has one of the shortest trial mattress programs on this list – 100 days, with a break-in period of 30 days. If, after the first 30 days, you are still unhappy with your purchase, you can call 800-821-6621, and Tempur-Pedic will take it off your hands at cost. Shipping is free after your order placement, and the other way around is not. All TP mattresses come with a ten-year warranty, which covers replacement or repair. So, do not expect a full refund.

Buyer Reviews:

Reviews on the mattresses’ temperature regulation features are mixed. While a huge majority claim that it is one of their best investments (with that price tag, it should be), almost 20% of those who purchased via Amazon have the common complaint that the mattresses either run too hot or have lost their firmness over time. The percentage of negative reviews posted on the TP website is more forgiving, but the comments are relatively similar.

So, If you are seriously considering this brand because of the technology and engineering claims, we suggest reading up on reviews on the TP site, Amazon, and other third-party sites and scour older reviews, like year-old or two-year-old reviews instead of reviews from new buyers. 

You may ask, why are we still including this brand despite the hefty price tag, the stingy trial program, and the compelling negative reviews? That’s because the positive reviews are equally compelling as well. And also, we believe that buying a mattress should be considered a serious life-long investment, and when it comes to life-long investments, it will not hurt to look at high-end brands to see why they cost so much and if the steep cost is warranted, given the features.


Free Trial Mattress Deals 7

Purple is one of the more popular brands in the mattress world. On its website alone, there are more than 30K reviews from verified buyers. The brand uses its proprietary GelFlex Grid in all of its mattress lines. The GelFlex Grid is different from typical memory foam as it is breathable, firm, and supple, and quick to rebound when weight is present.

Thus, it prevents you from sinking, and you feel as if the foam is hugging you back of sorts. Purple has four variants in its mattress line – Purple, Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, and Hybrid Premiers. The prices are very reasonable.

The Trial Deal:

  • Purple offers its users a 100-night trial for any of its mattresses. The break-in period is 21 days. If, after 21 days, users are still unhappy with the mattress, they can call 888-848-2305 or use Purple’s live chat function to jumpstart the return process. Those who would return the trial mattress are entitled to a full refund. There are no restocking fees for returning the mattress. All Purple mattresses come with a ten-year warranty which covers replacement.

Buyer Reviews:

On the Purple website, 84% of buyers are happy with their purchases, leaving either five or four stars. The remaining 16% represent the ones whose complaints are either about discomfort, even citing that the mattress gave them more back pain than what they already have to deal with, inconsistent return policies, poor customer service, and certain fine print clauses or terms where customers felt they were tricked or got caught in a bind.

The lesson here is that a mattress is a big purchase, so read the fine print first regarding the warranty and return policies. And you can always ask the brand’s live support team on its website before you go ahead with the purchase.


Free Trial Mattress Deals 8

What makes Brentwood Home a popular brand among the younger generation is its marketing strategy. Brentwood Home is widely tagged in social media posts by influencers. The brand also boasts of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in its mattresses.

Depending on the product line, their mattresses use organic wool, organic latex, coconut fiber, cotton denim, or charcoal infusions into their memory foam layers to control mattress odor, impart comfort and breathability. Hundreds of coils are used underneath the foam layers for base stability and resilience upon use.

The mattress covers are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, or Repreve—recycled and re-engineered fibers from plastic bottles commonly used as a clothing fabric for athletics and everyday fashion.

Brentwood Home mattress lines are not only eco-friendly but are also economical.

The Trial Deal:

Brentwood Home lets you try their mattresses for 365 days or one whole year. If you don’t think you had a satisfying mattress purchase, you would have to wait for the first 30 days, or the break-in period, before you can contact BH to return the mattress. You may go to the site’s contact page to coordinate the pick-up.

The return procedure should not cost you anything. There are no restocking fees either. That is unless you live outside the continental U.S. like  Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories.

All BH mattresses come with a 25-year warranty. The brand also specifies other fine details that users must note to avoid forfeiture of the refund or replacement under warranty. These include but are not limited to:

  • The box must be opened within 30 days after receiving it. The bed must be used within the same period as well. 
  • The mattress must never be placed on the floor. This causes molds and mildew to grow because of inadequate ventilation.
  • This is an important one: To ensure the evenness of dents and other forms of wear, you must rotate the trial mattress once a month for the first six months. Rotate and flip (if you have chosen a flippable mattress, which they have).
  • Other exclusions can be found here.
  • may email or call 1-888-425-4854 to arrange a pick-up schedule for free and coordinate the drop-off to a charity if you want to return it. Additional charges apply if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • The refund will be in the same form as your payment method when you placed the order. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty (“Forever Warranty”), which covers mattress replacement for the usage of 10 years or less and repairs for more than ten years of usage. The warranty covers normal wear and tear, including dents or impressions at least 1.5 inches or deeper.

Buyer Reviews:

Reviews are significantly mixed, although as always, positive reviews outweigh the critical ones. And once again, many reviews will say that it is either too plush or too firm for their liking. But one of the standout critiques about BH mattresses is that, perhaps because it is made of organic and recycled materials, it does emanate an undesirable odor that sometimes lasts for days to weeks.

Aside from Amazon user reviews and those posted on their website, browse comments from social media posts. Check out those sponsored posts, and you will see a few positive or critical comments on the mattresses’ quality and experience.


Free Trial Mattress Deals 9

Saatva has a wide range of mattress lines to choose from. Whether it is organic, memory foam, pure latex, hybrid, flappable or adjustable, whatever you need in a mattress, Saatva has it. And if you do not know yet what mattress suits you, take their online quiz and find out before making that important purchase. 

The price tags are a little steep with their most economical line, the hybrid Saatva Classic, however, the rest are sold for a thousand dollars and up.

The Trial Deal:

  • For 180 days or half a year, you can try any Saatva mattress risk-free. If you are not happy before the end of the trial program, call them at 877-672-2882 to coordinate the pick-up.
  • The refund will be in the form of payment used during purchase, and this will include a refund of taxes paid as well. The return and replacement processes (for both trial and under warranty mattresses) are not free.
  • You would have to pay a fixed but reasonable handling fee of $99, covering everything during pick-up and transport. The delivery upon purchase, as well as set-up, is free. Each Saatva mattress comes with a 15-year warranty.

Buyer Reviews:

A review by the Sleep Foundation cites the following as some drawbacks of the Saatva Classic, the most affordable and most purchased option among all Saatva variants: 

  • It might be a bit firm for those looking for plush or medium mattresses.
  • Motion transfer is more palpable.

Critical reviews on the Saatva site are quite difficult to find, but we could dig them out. Most buyers had a bad experience with the delivery timeliness (or lack thereof). Some users also cited that the mattress still formed deep dents and slumped after only a few months of use despite regular rotations.


Free Trial Mattress Deals 10

Novilla is the most economical mattress brand on this list and probably one of the more affordable ones in the industry. It offers two major mattress lines. The memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses come in ten-inch and twelve-inch variants.

The Trial Deal:

While Novilla is the most affordable brand on this list, it also offers the shortest trial program at 30 days, with a break-in period of 21 days. It, therefore, begs the question, how long does a trial mattress program must be? To each his own, but a short trial may be useful for those who not only sleep on their beds but work on their beds as well.

With a short trial period, it is best to maximize the usage of the bed to test it out fully, but be careful not to overdo it as any visible damage may forfeit the full refund. A live chat function is available on the Novilla website to jumpstart the return and refund process.

Novilla mattresses come with a ten-year limited warranty. Shipping and returns are free for all orders and return to and from the continental U.S. Novilla does not cater to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories for now, but they are working on it.

Buyer Reviews:

Reviews on Amazon for the Novilla ten-inch hybrid mattress are generally positive at 89%, with a combined dissatisfaction rating of 12%. The dissatisfaction mostly stems from subjective comments like firmness – the excess or lack of it – or the abrupt wear after only months of using it, or the finer points in the warranty or the trial program of which customers were unaware. Not many complaints about the short trial, though. But generally, the great price point is the biggest value for the brand, and buyers appreciate that.

Frequently asked Questions

What Usually Constitutes the Free Trials?

A free trial is composed of the trial duration, which may run anywhere from 30 days to 548 days, or a year-and-a-half. It is also composed of the break-in period, or the minimum number of days before you can call it in for a refund or replacement. This period is backed by research, as it is said that it usually takes about 14 to 30 days for one to start acclimating to a new mattress. 

Most free trials appear to be “free” because of the full refund deal, which is mostly true, except if you live outside of the mainland U.S. Because of higher shipping costs, brands do not offer a refund of shipping fees for orders coming in and out from Alaska and Hawaii.

So, sometimes, for returns and refunds, the handling fee for picking up mattresses in these two locations will be offset in the refund amount, thus, resulting in a partial refund. Some brands charge a flat rate for everything, which could also be convenient.  

Free Trial Mattresses Are The Real Deal, But Are They Safe?

Yes, they are safe. No need to worry. You are not testing out a used mattress. It might be old stock from the warehouse but rest assured that it has never been used. It is vacuum-sealed and rolled onto a box. That is why, once you receive your trial mattress, you have to wait a few hours to a few days for it to fully self-inflate. 

Mattresses that were used for trial purposes and have been returned are not discarded to a landfill. These are donated to charities like the Salvation Army. If you decide to return your trial mattress, the mattress brand will coordinate with a charity close to your location to facilitate the pick-up from your house and the drop-off to the charity’s location. It no longer makes its way back to the store or the warehouse. 

Conclusions and Tips

A mattress purchase is a big purchase. It is an investment. People take this for granted, but you are buying something that you spend a third or half of your day on, and that accounts for a third or half of your life, as well. The great thing here is mattress companies are now rolling out these home trial programs for you to test the mattresses before fully deciding on them. The question now is, how long do you need to test it?

There is indeed value in the year-long trial period, and yes, we included three brands that offer exactly that. You get to test the mattress all year-round as the seasons change, which is important to see if the mattress runs hot during spring and summer and if it can give enough warmth during the colder seasons. Would you need toppers for those chilly months? An electric blanket or quilt, perhaps?

But isn’t 365 days just a bit too long? Well, you do not need to complete the entire year, or the entire trial period, at that. Whether it is 30 nights, 90 nights, 100 or 500 nights, you need to look at the break-in period or the minimum number of nights before calling it in for a return or replacement.

The typical break-in period is either 21 nights or 30 nights. So, if you are not a satisfied mattress buyer, wait until you reach the period. Do not ruin your mattress and call it in to get the refund process rolling.

Another piece of advice: always mount your newly purchased mattress onto a frame, regardless of the brand.  Most mattresses in this list and trial programs are meant for that and not for frameless use. Why?

While placing a mattress on the ground, especially during hot seasons, improves mattress temperature, the humid and hot climate on the ground may cause molds to form. Say goodbye to your refund once these icky spots show up.

Also, it is better to test the stability and resilience of the mattress foundation if it is mounted on a frame, even on just a low-lying frame of about a few inches high, compared to when it is directly on the ground.

And lastly, when it comes to reviews, it is really difficult to discern which are paid content and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt and which are legitimate, honest feedbacks. Trust your instinct and know that every mattress brand will always have many critical reviews because no one can please everyone. It is that simple.

Some brands will never be too firm or just right for one or two buyers. Some brands may be too plush, and for some users, that is okay. You cannot also rely on your in-store experience because there is that slim yet very possible chance that the mattress you liked at the store may not be the same one delivered to you, thus, resulting in varied experiences. The best advice when reading reviews is that it is probably a legit review if there are enough details to support the claims. Otherwise, it is all fluff and paid to be featured.

Buying a mattress has an inherent risk. With that said, what is more, important to you, then? Affordability? The length of the trial program? The length of the break-in program? Yes, all these are important but since we are talking about trial mattresses here, with the possibility of returns, refunds, and replacements, what is most important here is the responsiveness of their customer support team because they are the first point of contact for any issue arising from the trial program.

So, when you are browsing for reviews, read on posts about customer support. You can also gauge their responsiveness by trying on the live chat feature, which almost every brand in this list has on their website. That way, you will know if you are chatting with a bot or a human, which makes a huge difference, and might come in handy when you want to ask for a refund or a replacement for your trial mattress. 

And once you have decided to place that order and get the trial mattress, place your order directly on the brand’s website or call their support staff. That way, your records are directly stored on the brand’s database and are not passed along from site to site. This also facilitates the easier tracking of your deliveries, returns, refunds, and replacements.