Relaxing Children Before Bed: Quiet Time Activities

Helping your kids wind down for bed in the evening is a great way to make bedtime less of a fight. Quiet and relaxing activities can settle children down so that they want to go to bed. This approach can also help kids get a better night’s sleep, which is important for memory, focus, getting higher grades, lowering stress, and decreasing anxiety and depression. Sleep deprivation in children can cause hyperactivity and behavior problems and has even been linked to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Quiet Time Before Bed fact

Getting into a regular routine and having your children start relaxing before it’s time to go to bed can help them fall asleep faster. Here are some quiet but fun bedtime routine activities for kids of all ages.

Quiet Activities Perfect for Toddlers

Quiet Activities Perfect for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

  • Pretend Play: Playing with dolls or action figures can be a quiet activity your child can sit down and do before bed. According to research, imaginative play can have positive impacts on children’s social, linguistic, and emotional development. Encourage them to put their favorite dolls, action figures, or stuffed animals to bed and say goodnight to them.
  • Coloring: Coloring is a great way to wind down before bed because it relaxes the mind while the body sits still. With their creativity flowing freely, their body can ease into a more relaxed state.
  • Pipe Cleaner Crafts: Another mess-free creative activity your child can do before bed is playing with colored pipe cleaners. These can be shaped and twisted together to create any design. Encourage your child to make pipe cleaner animals, people, and other creations.
  • Storytelling: Instead of reading a book, tell your child a story using your imagination, and invite them to tell you one. Get comfy together or get your child completely tucked into bed for storytelling time.

Quiet Activities Perfect for School-Age Kids

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